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Q&A: Must The United States legalize marijuana?

Posted on 29 March 2014 by admin

Query by bob l: Need to The United States legalize marijuana?
I want causes with the answer, not just yes or no please.

Best answer:

Answer by Millie
marijuana is the most frequently makes use of illegal substance in the United States. it is utilized by numerous folks, most of which are not your stereotypical “druggie”, with no life agead of them. Several of them hapen to be quite profitable, very good individuals. Feel about it virtually if not every individual who reads this paper will know (even if they do not understand it) at least a single if not a number of typical users of marijuana. Its frequently created out to be considerably far more harmful htan it really is, unfortunatly not every 1 realizes this.

What many folks don’t realize is marijuana is a lot significantly less damaging than alcohol or tobacco. But it really is the a single of the three that gets a poor rap and is illegal. Marijuana is not even physicaly addicting. You certanly never see meetings for marijuana like you do with alcohol and AA. Unfortunatly due to American culture the much less harmful of the three is illegal.

The most widespread purpose why marijuana can be damaging is that men and women can usually come across laced marijuana with out realizing it. Marijuana can easily be mixed with other a lot more dangerous drugs with out the purchaser realizing it, till they have currently utilised it. This is a harmful point that causes several men and women to do far more harmful, challenging core drugs without having realizing it. If it were to be legalized the government could offer guide lines, like it does with alchol to insure that people knew what they had been placing into their bodies.

Marijuana actually has a lot of helpful positive aspects toward diseases / sicknesses. Marijuana can minimize nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite caused by AIDS. It can Decrease interlobular pressure, which alleviates the pain and slowing and often even stopping the progress of glaucoma. Typical side effects of chemotherapy are nausea, loss of appetite, and vomiting, all of which marijuana would support. It can limit muscle pain and relieve tremor nad unsteadiness of gait for a number of sclerosis individuals. Marijuana can aid avoid epileptic seizures in some patients. It can also alleviate chronic, often debilitating discomfort triggered by myriad problems and injuries. Each and every a single of these applications have been deemed genuine by at least one particular United States court, legislature, and/or government agency.

Due to these causes and a lot of other individuals many folks are going to jail/prison on a every day basis due to merely smoking a little pot These aren’t unsafe criminals that would kill or rape a person. Numerous of them are teachers, lawyers and respected members of their communities. But yet we still pay thousands of dollars of tax payers money to lock up non dangerous “criminals” yearly even even though most are not going to cease after they get out of jail. Never you believe the income spent here is a waste? Could not it be going to much more useful factors such as hospitals, illness investigation, or greater schools? These are the items that would benifit the individuals of this nation. Certanily you would rather advantage the people a lot more than throwing a non violent pot head in jail who was only trying to smoke a joint and relax soon after a extended days function in jail. There is up to forty million typical (note thats just the normal not occasional users) drug users in the United states. If we have been to throw all of them in jail it would expense $ 500,000 per million individuals, plus the cost and space of building a lot of much more prisons. Couldm’t that funds be spent on building hospitals? There is currently about 1.5 million folks tax payers are paying to preserve in jail more than drugs. From 1990 to 2003, practically 5.9 million folks had been arrested for smoking marijuana. Thats a greater number than the whole population of Alaska, Delaware, The District of Columbia, Montania, North and South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming combined. This nation simply can not afford to put 40 million more in jail.

Marijuana ought to be legalized. It has many makes use of such as helping sick sufferers. Individuals are going to smoke it no matter what the government sais, and with out govenment recommendations this can be harmful. Not to mention the fact that we have no way we can afford to throw all these people in jail. Its much less harmful than alcohol and tobacco, which are legal, so doesn’t it make sense that it would be also?

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8 Responses to “Q&A: Must The United States legalize marijuana?”

  1. chiroptera chemist says:

    no. It causes problems for me prsonally when other people are incapacitated mentally

  2. john b says:

    No, then you might as well legalize hash, and cocaine.

  3. Telis says:

    No because there are enough things bad for you around (alcohol,cigarettes ect).

  4. Jackie says:

    Yes. But then there would be taxes put on it and people would end up buying it on the streets anyways where its not taxed so whats the point. I guess we will never know.

  5. hardtack says:

    Yes. Marijuana has medicinal value and may stave off the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia.

  6. bulabate says:

    Yes cause its nature’s Utopia!

  7. bzas1girl says:

    Yes. For medical reasons most importantly. Second people are going to do it anyway and smoking it is no where near as bad as being drunk.

  8. Leogirl0804 says:

    No, We should not legalize marijuana. It will lead to harsher drug use. Amsterdam is a classic example of what legalized drugs will do to a society.


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