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Q&A: Is smoking weed every once in awhile damaging?

Posted on 10 January 2014 by admin

Question by Mike G.: Is smoking weed every once in awhile damaging?
I have smoked weed every once in awhile and I currently do probably once every 2-3 weeks if that. I am a serious student and hardworking, however I do like to smoke to feel good. I always have been researching it and majority of the effects aren’t health damaging, and all I really read was with excessive smoking, it can cause troubles with short term memory, but that’s it. Can smoking weed once every 2-3 weeks cause health problems in the future or cause cancer? I only smoke during the summer and maybe 3-4 times during the school year. Let me know, thanks.

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Answer by Katie screws your brain up

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8 Responses to “Q&A: Is smoking weed every once in awhile damaging?”

  1. Maxie says:

    WOW!!!!!!! no DUH it hurts ur brain! its illegal for a reason man! STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. TaishoTears...♥ says:

    It depends. Some people on their first try could die right there. Some people that start might not have any complications until the future, and for some people, nothing happens. But, I would advise you to stop now while you have your health.

  3. Philip Morrison says:

    haha dude you only get short term memory loss from chronic marijuana use. and its cause your fucking high all the time. everyone experiences short term memory loss when high. thats why time seems to go so slow. so obviously if your high all the time youll stop remembering shit

  4. Heavy_Death_Metal says:

    no all that cancer shit is bs…you can get cancer from anything! live it up and have fun;_ylt=ApjCcIYb37LybvnhqtCgIrrsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100730204048AAqc2wm

  5. Gigi says:

    what the fuck? everyone on yahoo is retarded. smoking weed occasionally is completely safe besides running the risk of cops finding it. many people have smoked weed and become successful. shit barack even used to smoke

  6. James Smith says:

    no it absolutley will not cause cancer it has acually been shown to reduce your risk of cancer its not proven but it is being studied. it is very good when healing because healing requires taking it easy and smoking pot will help you relax and heal faster. you just have to make the distingushment from other drugs do not let it become a gateway just have the mindset that it is ok if you are responsible just do not think of it like other drugs it is very safe if you use resposibly

  7. Liathe Volken says:

    Yeah, it shouldn’t be that bad in terms of your health, but it can destroy your life if you are caught.

  8. coffin_dragger666 says:

    people who say its damaging, are crazy. Im a heavy user, wake up at 9 am and smoke until 2 in the morning, and thats when theres no skool. During skool i smoke everday when i wake up and after skool. And i dont just smoke small amounts, i smoke like dubs for a quick morning session and dubs and 2 fat rolled joints for late night sessions. I am an AP student in highschool and i am in sports (track, football,swim team) and my grades have never dropped and i feel great when i run.
    Smoking opens up your blood vessels which helps blood flow to your muscles during exersize.
    Smoking is HARMLESS. Smoke up man, you only live once, might as well live it being as high as the moon!


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