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Q&A: How long does weed stay in your system after smoking?

Posted on 24 October 2013 by admin

Question by eltigre312: How long does weed stay in your system after smoking?
If you were to be drug tested will it show up after a couple of days? Will it show up in weeks? Months? Also, I heard that you can take it out of your system by drinking some sort of beverage. Is this true and what drinks help? I want facts. Preferably from an expert. What i do know is that it can be found in your system up to a month. This was my Drugs and Society professor.

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Answer by nate
It depends. Urine tests work for about a week, Blood for about 4-5 weeks, and hair for 1 year+. You can buy something at GMC that gets it out of your system, or drink a bleach mixture.

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One Response to “Q&A: How long does weed stay in your system after smoking?”

  1. James says:

    The main psychoactive chemical in weed is called tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. This is what gets you high.

    THC breaks down into metabolites and some of these bind to the body’s fat cells once ingested, and that is why it is detectable for so long in your system.

    How long it will actually be detected depends a lot on the person who is facing a drug test. A person who is overweight, does little exercise, and smokes weed regularly will have a longer time frame where he will fail the test. This is because his body’s elimination of THC through fat cells is slower. A person who is a light user, is in terrific shape, and does strenuous exercise on a regular basis will clear his chances within a week or less – most likely, since all bodies are different.

    The average time for a person to be in the clear for a urine test would be around 13 days. Blood tests would only show marijuana use within hours since it would be broken down into the metabolites and stored in cells. If you face a blood test for this drug after a day, you would likely pass.

    As far as beverages that help clean it out, those are largely based in myth and desperation. Because THC stores in fat cells, drinking anything won’t help much at all. It may reduce the level, but it won’t be by much at all, and a dilute urine sample would raise red flags at a testing facility which would likely have you tested again under close supervision.

    Again, since THC binds to fat cells, and there are fat cells at the base of your hair follicles which don’t get removed easily, it can be detected for much longer up to around six months. Most experts agree that hair tests accurately go back for around 120 days or so, but again, bodies are different so it is possible that it sticks around for longer.

    So the low-down on this is:

    Blood test: a few hours up to a day at max.
    Urine test: Around 13 days on average
    Hair Follicle test: Around 120 days on average


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