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Q&A: get legal bud?

Posted on 17 April 2014 by admin

Question by vdakff y: get legal bud?
can you truly buy buy legally online at ?

Best answer:

Answer by John P
WHAT , specifically, are you attempting to get?

If you are trying to get marijuana , or any other illegal substance, then you genuinely need to find out how to read! NOWHERE on that internet site does it mention marijauna, coca, or any illegal substance.
It DOES say they these “buds” are LEGAL!

That implies that they are promoting things such as rose buds, dandelion buds or any of a myriad of plants which are really legal!
The web site also tells you that these are HERBAL products. So if you want to pay $ 50 and ounce to smoke mint, comfrey, dandelion, cloves, nettles or any other harmless herbs, then really feel totally free to send these men and women your money!!!

Now please get your query off of the PET BIRD category!

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