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Q&A: Fake Smoke?

Posted on 06 April 2014 by admin

Question by Pha King: Fake Smoke?
im working on a film exactly where a bunch of buddies are passing around a joint and smokign and what not
but i dont want my cast to be stoned and none of them smoke anyways
…what can i use to blow out fake smoke or what is somthing i we can roll up and smoke that wont mess us up?

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You can try a dry-ice or a fog machine.

You could try hookah elements and hookah paraphenalia but regrettably, hookah smoke, even if it is not the hazardous tobacco smoke, can nevertheless mess you up.

But I have seen alternate residence parties with incense sticks. So you can place a lot of incense sticks in strategic areas of the space…….and this will create a near-maximum impact of smoke coming from the incense sticks.

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One Response to “Q&A: Fake Smoke?”

  1. Liz says:

    Ok, first of all you shouldn’t smoke.

    Try herbal cigarettes. American Spirit is a pre-rolled, herbal blend that non-smokers use onstage.

    Some of the smoke shops sell herbal blends like cloves. Roll them like a regular “cigarette” with rolling papers.

    Remember, Smoking and Drugs are Bad. M’Kay?


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