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Q&A: Does weed help with chemical imbalance?

Posted on 13 March 2014 by admin

Question by Danny D: Does weed help with chemical imbalance?
If im a depressed person and smoke weed for a couple months then stop, will that help with ay chemical imbalances that can be a cause of depression
im not lacking chemicals, i was wondering if i have depression attributed to any lack of brain chemicals, maybe weed would help, and for me weed doesnt depress me more afterwards at all

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Answer by Lynn Henty
no it wouldnt

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2 Responses to “Q&A: Does weed help with chemical imbalance?”

  1. newfie272 says:

    weed with not help, there is no chemical in weed that is a part of your “chemical makeup”, therefore, you cannot bring up chemicals that are lacking with weed. If anything weed can make a depressed person more depressed due to after the “highs” comes the “lows”. You need a precription medication to replace the chemical that you are lacking……..see a doctor…..not a druggie…

  2. tappingxout says:

    It won’t simply “fix” your depression, if that’s what you’re asking. It’s sometimes recommended as a coping mechanism for it, though, since it relieves stress and lowers blood pressure without risk of physiological addiction or excessive bodily damage. However, select-few people latch onto it and become mentally dependent on it, especially when they’re in a vulnerable state like depression. So, really, marijuana usage while depressed depends upon the individual and his or her own strength. If you think you can handle it as just another vice without getting in over your head, then go for it. But no, it won’t fix anything chemically.


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