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Q&A: Do you feel marijuana legalization would outcome in Larger or Lower crime prices?

Posted on 16 February 2014 by admin

Question by Welcome to Amerika Mr. 0rwell !!: Do you think marijuana legalization would result in Higher or Reduced crime prices?
Why or why not??
bubbles…………so receiving higher makes you want to commit crimes??

Very best answer:

Answer by Bubbles
greater, far more folks high= more crimes

EDIT: It doesn’t make you want to, it just makes you “out of it” which leads to errors an so on…..

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15 Responses to “Q&A: Do you feel marijuana legalization would outcome in Larger or Lower crime prices?”

  1. Viva La Resistance says:

    higher than ever.

  2. Lux says:

    Stay the same. They’d tax it so much that there would definitely still be people dealing it to get the 5 bucks a bowl price.

  3. Melissa L says:


    people who smoke it will be committing no crime
    those that used to sell it illegally will be put out of business; without a doubt the people that sell weed use that money for “other uses”

  4. Bolt Thrower says:

    lower but mary jane but itself wouldn’t lower crime rates only the complete legalization of all drugs would.

  5. sarahh. ☮ says:

    lower. you’ll be so stoned
    you wont be able to pull anything off

  6. vanessa says:

    higher accident rates.

  7. mety says:

    I think it was Portugal that decriminalized drugs, and they were pleasantly surprised to find the crime rate dropped as did the number of users.

    I’d vote for lower.

    The tax money could be used for health care.

    Regulate it, just like alcohol. No driving or working under the influence, adults only etc…

  8. Chick-A- Deedle says:

    If you look at it logically, if marijuana was legalized the crime rate would probably either stay the same or be only slightly lower. It’s the harder street drugs that are typically involved in criminal activity. Whenever someone says, “Pot dealer” most folks that have been misinformed or misled always picture an evil, shady character who stores his weed next to his stolen automatic assault weapons and used hypodermic needles all over the floor…when in all actuality the typical pot dealer is someone laid back who doesn’t “deal” in anything but marijuana exclusively. Most pot dealers don’t “pack” or have their posse around them requiring a password to get on the same street to go buy the drugs. Pot dealers are older people, respected in their neighborhoods, with clean yards and political views that vary depending on each one. In effect, they are just regular people who sell weed. Marijuana growing operations, distribution and sales don’t impact the element of crime anywhere NEAR what the public has been led to believe. That is why I say that the legalization would result in no significant change in crime rates or statistics or they would drop but only slightly. And even then, the reason there would be a recorded drop in crime rates it would simply be because people wouldn’t get prosecuted for having or selling it. The marijuana busts wouldn’t happen anymore and that is where the decrease would be.

    As far as the person that said getting high makes you want to commit crimes?? HAHAHA!! That person has never been stoned. The only thing at risk when you’re high is the refrigerator and the remote control. The whole stoned driving thing is a fluffed up pile of crap to scare people into a position where they judge and hate those who get high. More accidents are caused on the roads because of people being distracted by their own kids than weed wrecks…

    If you look up the FACTUAL statistics, in comparison there have been confirmed cases of many, many people to die in car wrecks because of their cell phones or chaning out a CD. The confirmed numbers of people that have died because of stoned driving…?? Anyone want to take a guess??


    I also have reason to believe that violent crime would probably decrease with the legalization of marijuana too. Stoned people just don’t get out there and fight…theyre too busy laughing with other stoners and pondering the infinity of the universe and all points of each dimension in between.


  9. Orion says:

    I am not about to look up a statistic but as of right now, marijuana related arrests constitute as crime. I am going to low ball and state that 5% of all crime in this country is pertaining to the “manufacturing,” distribution and use of marijuana. Being that no one has ever robbed someone for money to obtain money for marijuana (I know that people are jacked for their green), killed someone while under the influence or gone on a violent crime spree while under the influence, crime rates would drop significantly.

    On another note an addict is an addict is an addict is an addict. Many of these people that live in areas in which you can only score alcohol or methamphetamine would probably smoke pot if it was available and decriminalized. I am not a scientist but it is something that I am assuming.

    I am guessing that crime would slow down in all areas.

  10. Resistance says:

    Look up nineteenth century crime statistics for your answer. When alcohol was prohibited they sky rocketed. When that ended they went back down. When the war on drugs became a reality, the crime rate went through the roof again.

    The crime rate would lower. It would lower greatly if all drugs were legalized. History proves it.

  11. jennifersimpson422 says:

    I don’t smoke-my boyfriend used to until he got diagnosed with diabetes. It just another Prohibition. In 20-40 years we will look back at this and laugh that it was illegal.

    Lower crime rate because smoking wouldn’t be considered a crime anymore. Ergo, no one being arrested for pot.

  12. PimpBerries' Ghost says:

    Lower for sure; potsmokers are to easy going to commit crime.

  13. Saint Christopher Walken says:

    Yes… In my opinion, legalizing simple marijuana possession and usage would result in lower crime rates.

    When you consider just how much time and MONEY is spent on policing, prosecuting, and punishing those who participate in the relatively harmless pursuit of recreational marijuana use, it seems only logical that is should be legalized; millions of taxpayer dollars to prosecute these crimes, – and not a single dollar of it comes from the SALE of illegal drugs. It makes more sense to me to legalize simple marijuana possession/use, impose a federal sales tax on it, and use THAT tax money to subsidize law enforcement agencies and to prosecute violent crimes linked to illegal drug use.

    Until we start approaching recreational drug-use as we do alcohol use, then there will always be more crime associated with it;
    PROHIBITION just simply does not work.

  14. mlee says:

    Lower crimes, Raise tax revenue.

    The Mexican Cartel is hubbing through my town (ATL, Ga) via Hartsfield-Jackson and our Interstate system.

    I don’t smoke, but apparently plenty in my town do.

    Legalize Pot, and Take A Bite Out Of Crime. (Just say No to Illegal Illegals.)

  15. bluelotussmellslikebananas says:

    I think it would increase the number of traffic collisions/injuries. When you are stoned, you drive 40 mph in the fast lane if you can remember where you are going….


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