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Q&A: Can you fail a hair follicle drug check if you experienced second hand marijuana smoke?

Posted on 07 February 2012 by admin

Query by : Can you fail a hair follicle drug test if you experienced second hand marijuana smoke?
Hey, I have not too long ago turned my lifestyle around and quit utilizing any controlled substance totally. My pals who still smoke marijuana frequently, have a tendency to smoke all around me. Most of the time they are excellent about smoking outside and such, but occasionally they will want to smoke even though driving. I often crack the window on my side at least three inches to avoid “Hot Boxing” but it appears when I had to take my drug test for my PO I managed to fail. He advised me if I truly did not smoke then I will have to demonstrate it by having to pay for my own hair follicle test which I have no problem with since I didn’t smoke. I am just worried that the test won’t be ready to tell the difference due to the fact I don’t know if I was exposed to too a lot smoke. Please somebody who has real knowledge of this comment. I don’t want opinions, I want facts. Also people please refrain from becoming “Captain Hindsight.” I never want any, “Nicely you must have accomplished This.”

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Solution by Do Martel
no, you cannot. smoke can not get to your follicles.

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4 Responses to “Q&A: Can you fail a hair follicle drug check if you experienced second hand marijuana smoke?”

  1. Daniel Smith says:

    not sure

  2. cosimo lomyo says:

    thc stays in your hair follicles for 3 years but no you wouldnt get a positive from second hand smoke

  3. Jake Lynn says:

    if its on a regular basis, if all the smoke and thc left in the air that you inhale over 2 weeks adds up to be one small smoke session for you (THC wise) you will fail. avoid all marijuana smoke possible. the thc will add up from the secondhand smoke, and cause u to fail. hope i helped.

  4. pale says:

    No way man. Possibly if you second handed every day a coulple times a day. If stuff like that were possible then kidswho live in smoking familys who have been second handed all their lives would have a nicotene addiction and not even have to first hand to accomplish that.


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