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Q&A: Can Marijuana cause Cancer?

Posted on 28 May 2014 by admin

Question by John: Can Marijuana cause Cancer?
I want to know because my family member smokes a lot of weed and recently just got diagnosis with lung cancer. 🙁

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Answer by Malik
smoking period gives you cancer and drinking if you look at the side of a pack of cigarrettes it will say surgeon general warning then it will explain

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4 Responses to “Q&A: Can Marijuana cause Cancer?”

  1. Emma says:

    No, It cannot cause cancer. actually it slows the process of the cancer cells spreading. In some cancer cases the patients are given medical marijuana. I’m sorry for your family member though!

  2. Cody J says:

    Marijuana has not been directly linked to cancer, although smoking blunts, and joints (papers), can increase the risk of cancer due to the inhalation of paper. Marijuana is usually used to help cancer patients, not only with symptoms and side effects, but also by slowing down the spread of cancer.

  3. Matt says:

    Marijuana has been linked to an increased risk of testicular cancer in males. With lung cancer, the risk factors are usually the length of time the person has been smoking and the amount of smoking. So even if someone lights up a few joints a day, he is not smoking nearly as much as someone who is doing 2 packs a day.

    All the BS about marijuana curing cancer is, well, BS. Marijuana can help alleviate certain side effects from chemo. Anyone who has used it, or seen Fast Times at Ridgemont High, knows that it boost appetite, so it helps cancer patients who don’t have an appetite to eat. It also has anti-nausea properties.

  4. Cornholio says:

    People have been trying to prove that marijuana smoking causes cancer for decades, but have never been able to do so. A few studies have positively associated the two, but in nearly every case the study is either very small, poorly designed or confounded by other factors (the main one being tobacco use). The largest ever case-controlled study trying to prove the cancer link, by Dr. Tashkin of UCLA (funded by NIDA), not only found NO increased risk whatsoever of head, neck and lung cancers among marijuana smokers (even among the heaviest users), but actually found a slight protective effect!

    The testicular cancer study mentioned by another poster is only a small preliminary study, and has some major issues with it. They found that there was increased association among only people who were infrequent users (less than once per week) or had stopped smoking. Interestingly, that study found that heavier users (smoking more often than once per week) and current users had NO increased risk. If marijuana smoking were indeed the cause, this relationship would have been reversed (i.e. the highest use associated with the highest incidence). That study also positively associated having no religious affiliation with increased incidence of testicular cancer. So, you can’t take that study as being “proof” that marijuana smoke causes testicular cancer unless you also accept that it proves that not being religious causes cancer!

    While it is pretty clear that SMOKING marijuana (note the emphasis on smoking) does not cure cancer, the assertion that cannabis cannot cure cancer is ridiculous, as many published studies have shown that the compounds within the plant have strong anti-cancer effects, including cutting off the blood supply to tumors, causing them to shrink, and actually killing cancer cells while leaving healthy tissue unharmed. In order to be used for anti-cancer purposes, it cannot be smoked (which pits the anticarcinogenic compounds against the carcinogens in the smoke – they effectively “cancel” each other out), but vaporized or consumed orally instead. Research on positive uses for cannabis (including use against cancer) have been actively opposed, denied and buried by governments around the world for decades, with the USA being the worst culprit. Some such research IS proceeding today, almost exclusively outside the US.


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