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Q&A: can jwh-018 be detected in a drug test?

Posted on 10 February 2014 by admin

Question by : can jwh-018 be detected in a drug test?
Well I got caught smoking pot by my school. I am currently a sophomore in highschool and I was wondering if jwh-018 can be detected. The school mentioned they want me to produce a clean test six weeks later. 6 weeks have passed and i have just recently smoke Indian spice kush, An incense containing jwh-018. I actually never want to get into any much more problems than I am already in. Please aid me! i need to have to know if it is detectable in any drug test at all. I have no clue what type of test they will be utilizing on me but i just want to make certain i won’t get in trouble. Please give me a clear answer with an explanation! I require to know quite soon. Thanks so much!

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Answer by mook
no it will not show up it doesnt have thc in it . it only has the cannabis .and anyway its leagal so no way you could get in difficulty

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One Response to “Q&A: can jwh-018 be detected in a drug test?”

  1. Jacob says:

    no it cant be detected its synthetic so youre in the clear.


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