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Q&A: Can I really Buy Legal Bud ??

Posted on 07 March 2014 by admin

Question by jason i: Can I really Buy Legal Bud ??
Can someone in The U.S.A. really Purchase “Legal Bud” ?? What is it and is it worth Buying? The Pics that they showed looked like Actual Weed !?!? One Testamonial even Said “The Smell alone told me that I made a good Purchase” I’m sure that there are many Stoping points durring Shipping.So then wouldn’t the Drug Dogs Sniff it out ? Can an Informed Person/People Please give me the Correct Answer ??

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Answer by Christopher K
from me, buddy…….

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3 Responses to “Q&A: Can I really Buy Legal Bud ??”

  1. shelly s says:

    in certain states you can buy weed for medicinal purposes (with a prescription from your doc). the stuff you are talking about does not contain THC so it is legal but it doesn’t get you stoned. the THC is what is illegal so weed that does not contain THC is legal but you might as well smoke oregano or parsley, you will have the same result.

  2. Da Best Southern Rapper Alive says:

    u aint gon get high

  3. DavidC says:

    It’s all a big fraud, take a look at the site and testimonials. If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. I got played into buying an ounce of that “legal bud” when I got it, sure it looked like it, but the smell and effects….nothing. Smells horrible doesn’t make you feel any different at all besides maybe a little light-headed from inhaling so much useless smoke. I smoked like two grams of it and felt absolutely nothing. I purchased the product because I moved away from my dealers and was becoming desperate to get a little high. Trust, it’s worthless don’t get it. The place I got it from forgot the site name now but, it was one of the original distributer of the product and the bud I got was called “Hawaiian Gold” was the biggest waste of money I ever spent…..


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