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Purple Weed, Orange Buds & Green Ganja – Cannabis Colours (Amsterdam Weed Review)

Posted on 06 May 2014 by admin

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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41 Responses to “Purple Weed, Orange Buds & Green Ganja – Cannabis Colours (Amsterdam Weed Review)”

  1. 2reasons says:

    Gettin better. Which coffeeshop has the best purple strains?

  2. Jarrod Bismillah says:

    i closed this when my parents came in because i thought it was porn.

  3. d0pesoulx87 says:

    Beautiful buds.

  4. livelife198724 says:

    looks good, wish I had some with me now…

  5. tim otool says:

    Purple bud is sexy as fuck!

  6. h82bu223 says:

    how did you find a apartment in the dam and job etc? im currently planning
    to move out of aus in couple yrs

  7. zReynoldz says:

    do you live in the uk?

  8. 4everShredd says:

    3:23 is that a seed you trying to hide ?

  9. Critastic says:

    That’s a beautiful shade of purple, Nice video.

  10. Raymond Lamers says:

    That’s a nice stash for the week. The purple looked nice.

  11. Andrew Pyrah says:


  12. hunclemike says:

    Andrew, do you know of any shops that are offerring Mekong Haze? That
    strain was the most perfect high that I’ve ever experienced. As far as your
    great vid….it is amazing the variations in appearance and effect, it’s
    truly a magical plant.

  13. srkidmx says:

    Dear Mr Pyrah, im visiting Amsterdam on Friday the 8 Feb. Is it possible to
    meat u there and invite u to a cup of coffee and some nice hits from da
    bong? A Fan from Austria

  14. Adam Atkinson says:

    Blue cheese is the best! I am English!

  15. extremehiphopfreak01 says:

    DOES ANYONE KNOW THE INTRO SONG?? it sounds so tight 🙂

  16. MWMTEE says:

    that purple looks dank

  17. George Washington says:

    I wish you packed a bowl of this at the end and let us watch it burn

  18. Nerusix says:

    I want to smoke dat shit

  19. RynoMayer23 says:

    Wow that westside was frosty. very jealous of the blue cheese as well

  20. Rick van Steensel says:

    i hated the metallic flavor on the westside , i thought it would be more
    like purple strawberry bliss

  21. Count Andre' says:


  22. Mycel says:

    that is not dark purple… try growing that stuff outdoors ^^

  23. Deidaraisking says:

    what the name of song at the first half of the video?

  24. phillis blunt says:

    wow in just 3 years the weed is way better

  25. wacky jack says:

    soo high soo high soo high blated up the blunt in grandpas backroom music
    blastin mini bong rippin only 14 dont kno wher ur life is goin hehee now
    here we are my niggas 😉 <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

  26. Austin Shemali says:

    +Deidaraisking the name of that song is ‘pussy money weed’ by lil wayne

  27. TheWaffleApocalypse says:

    My first smoke was blue dream

  28. james gaskins says:

    Man this ando bando my lil homie went in for trying get free smoove

  29. Colorado McConnell says:

    Does anybody know where to get this kinaf shit if u do am number is 406

  30. pgsg-gaming says:

    ohhh great good weed

  31. Richard Latiolais says:

    Make my big dick hard

  32. I Am Batman says:


  33. TheBlazedBros says:

    Super Lemon Haze <3

  34. LegendBedsify says:


  35. Tanner Garretson says:

    this is more like it, ive smoked like 80% of the bud posted, but bein dry
    id be happy with any

  36. Lifes A Trip says:

    Just had some o that g13 last night, flame as shit

  37. Cerulean_Dreams says:

    Love this. Check out my channel for some tasty HD nugporn/

  38. jayalwaysbaked says:

    whats that song by bone thugs

  39. lennor1349 says:

    : ( W a sad life i had

  40. Alan Locke says:

    161321 weed smokers smokin up

  41. HeadToDead says:

    sup wit the nude ladies smokin bongs in da middle? lol


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