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Public Cannabis Forum – Dunedin, NZ – 30 August 2013

Posted on 08 June 2014 by admin

Public Cannabis Forum - Dunedin, NZ - 30 August 2013

Dr Geoff Noller, Dr Gavin Cape, Matthew Peppercorn and Abe Gray present a refreshing review of ideas around current cannabis legislation, aspects of mental h…

A free public forum on cannabis policy and the Sensible BC campaign was held on September 24, 2012 in Victoria. The campaign, organized by Dana Larsen, will …
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4 Responses to “Public Cannabis Forum – Dunedin, NZ – 30 August 2013”

  1. Dima G says:

    Oh and that good sir has a LEGENDARY beard!

  2. Dima G says:

    Holy fuck, i’m high. How did i get to this magical secret place of you tube
    where i am the first viewer and the first comment. All the related videos
    on the right have fuck all views. Awesome video BTW, some serious stones
    here. Peace and love!

  3. gregorybigot974 says:

    I love is ganja mé fRÉR!

  4. Deborah Diduck says:

    Keep standing by what you just said and you have my vote.


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