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Pot Tourism: How to Buy Marijuana in Colorado

Posted on 27 March 2014 by admin

Pot Tourism: How to Buy Marijuana in Colorado
Per federal law, marijuana remains illegal recreationally in nearly every other state at this time, so you cannot take your legal Colorado purchase with you across state lines. The drug is also listed on the airport Transportation Security …
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These 'Bitcoins For Marijuana' Try To Solve Legal Weed's Big Heist Problem
DopeCoin's developer, who asked to be identified only as "Dopey" due to controversial nature of his new currency, said DopeCoin is designed to be used to buy anything legal or illegal, from both black market sellers on online marketplaces like Silk …
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Banks Won't Do Business With Legal Marijuana Sellers. Enter PotCoin.
Someone interested in buying or selling marijuana starts by downloading an online "wallet." There are then three ways to fill that wallet with PotCoins: People can pay you with the currency, you can purchase it on an exchange using bitcoin or US …
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