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Police: Spice still on the street, but off Anchorage shelves

Posted on 09 February 2014 by admin

Police: Spice still on the street, but off Anchorage shelves
"We've got compliance from pretty much everybody at the smoke shops." Still, the ordinance hasn't knocked out street sales … Now, police can ticket a shop based on what's on the outside of the Spice package, often marketed as potpourri or incense …
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Modern pilgrimages, ancient gods, at Japanese temple
Near the fire-god shrine, the largest there, stands a giant dish of incense. Worshippers fan the scented smoke from it into their faces and hair. Elsewhere sits a bronze Buddhist statue that visitor after visitor touches for good luck. Important …
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Legalization Of marijuana will only lead to a massively loaded America, phlegm
When you add to the mix many thousands of legal users smoking it everywhere, it increases the difficulty of enforcement and will lead to an increase in wasted man-hours. Legalizing medical marijuana for all intents and purposes will make the …
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