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Police Raid Cannabis Cup 2011 Amsterdam Smoke Frenzy

Posted on 06 November 2013 by admin

Dutch police raid High Instances Cannabis cup 2011 in amsterdam which causes a smoke frenzy as everybody smokes what cannabis they have left. nov 2011.

Police Raid Cannabis Cup 2013 Amsterdam coffeeshop Smoke Weed And Hash Frenzy Trafic Stup.
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31 Responses to “Police Raid Cannabis Cup 2011 Amsterdam Smoke Frenzy”

  1. bujablaster says:

    It is not and it never was legal anywhere in Dutch, this is big mistake of most of non-Dutch people. Or to be correct – only in coffee shops, you can buy there and smoke´╗┐ there, but not anywhere else (=out of the coffe shop, but you can buy and go home and smoke there with friends etc.). And for last year or two this is legal only for Dutch people, not for foreigners, othewise any weed smoking foreigner and shop who sold weed to him will have serious problem, when police finds out ­čÖü

  2. TheFranklin18 says:

    I’m twisting bitch´╗┐

  3. Isaac Montoya says:

    ahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha lmfao!!´╗┐

  4. Anthony video maker says:

    wow he does sound black. Who’s twisting, who’s twisting, who’s twisting? I think he’s high as´╗┐ shit..

  5. jhonathan barnaba says:

    Either someone starts´╗┐ twistin’, or I kill myself.

  6. isaac bueras says:

    Why didnt anyone tell´╗┐ that guy to shut the fuck up

  7. HarryLillis98 says:

    correct me if i’m wrong but i thought weed was legal´╗┐ in Amsterdam?

  8. jpmacc94 says:

    Wish someone would twist his heart right out of his chest and nail´╗┐ it to his fucking face …now that would be ‘twisted bro ‘

  9. Ka'imi'loa B. says:

    Please´╗┐ will somebody start “twisting” so he can shut the fuck up!
    [insert Chubby Checker song now]

  10. Dametta13beararms says:

    Filthy pigs!´╗┐

  11. Zach Acevedo says:

    Shut the fuck up. And step´╗┐ up and roll one you bitch. What the fuck

  12. grim350z says:

    The guy yelling twist´╗┐ it a million times is annoying as fuck….STFU!!!

  13. Scott paul says:

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  14. Angus McFungus says:

    Come to Amsterdam´╗┐ eh!!! Fuck that shit…

  15. rocheedon says:

    What a waste´╗┐ of weed

  16. mick jones says:

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  17. Nuella Lisa says:

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  18. liam barwell says:

    WOW that guy´╗┐ is anoying to fuck you twisted bro you twisted bro

  19. amnesia hoax says:

    thats no´╗┐ smoking relaxed a joint thats raping weed

  20. jae herbski says:

    So who’s twistin…? Omg shut the´╗┐ fuck up..I understand u excited but …fuck

  21. Troyce Douglas says:

    Can someone please twist to shut´╗┐ that mf up

  22. Kieran Hill says:

    If he tapped that joint it´╗┐ would light better and it wouldn’t bend either

  23. Anastasia Jones says:

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  24. mitchsfarm says:

    man that shits so fuckin funny, buddys so ripped´╗┐ he says it like 40 times!! lolololol;

  25. Jacob Harris says:

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  26. eddy haskle says:

    Who´╗┐ twistin? who twisin? SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

  27. Travis Brown says:

    Hey bru, who twist’n?´╗┐

  28. Karlo Špindrić says:

    09:04´╗┐ that guy (Y)

  29. Chet Manley says:

    this´╗┐ is not the 2013 cannabis cup as it has not happened yet i think this was 2011

  30. Seba Junky says:

    O kurwa !!´╗┐

  31. ganzegal77 says:

    fuck the illuminati and the´╗┐ new world order …


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