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Overlapping leaf Bracelet (friendship bracelet)

Posted on 04 June 2012 by admin

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How To Make Hemp Bracelets

Indulge your inner hippie with these environmentally friendly, incredibly cool, beaded hemp bracelets.

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25 Responses to “Overlapping leaf Bracelet (friendship bracelet)”

  1. braceletgeek says:

    BTW USE 30 inch string, which mean 60 inches and then you fold them in half, not 90!!!!!!!!!

  2. giovanni hernandea says:

    finally something that helped

  3. giovanni hernandea says:

    it helped

  4. 4M4NND4 says:

    why would you speed a tutorial like this up????????

  5. jessicachao1 says:

    I read the title wrong…

  6. JohnnyLProductions says:

    slooooooooooooooowww dowwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnn,,,

  7. joshuamaddog74055 says:

    thats a cobra stitch dipshits

  8. Jpzocm says:

    hey check out my channel Jpzocm

  9. TheRejoice7 says:

    Actually, hemp is the fibers of the stems. marijuana is the bud. hence the name “bud”. indica and sativa and even hybrids are female. there’s less than 1% THC in male cannabis plants. so, in saying there is THC in both genders, you’re safe. but the male doesn’t contain enough to even give a buzz. If you were educated, you’d know this. peace and medication.

  10. TheRejoice7 says:

    you were only getting spiral knots?

  11. stormycast says:

    I already knew george Washington grew pot but did he smoke it

  12. Mr4COCONUTZ says:

    made lost of these after watching tutorial and they keep twisting

  13. InovaArchangelDX3 says:

    you are 100% wrong. literally every bit of that comment is false.

  14. StevenStemJr says:

    I have created a youtube account to get as many subscribers as possible. Im sure you are thinking “So does everyone else” , but I am trying trying to get as many subscriptions as possible with out uploading a single thing. So click my name and subscribe and you can help me break multiple records. Thanks:)


  15. Ditaly97 says:


    Oh so I guase that grad a sativa I smoke the other day is legal I didn’t think anyone could be this stupid about weed and yes weed is cannibis and niether stava or indo is legal what r u in second Gade

  16. Ditaly97 says:

    @magicninjarezin ur fuckin stupid hemp is just the leaves and the rest of the plant
    Weed is the flower

    Male is sativa
    Female indica
    Both have thc

    And if u where a true stoner u would know this

  17. hotdogsinspace says:

    no shit sherlock its a joke!

  18. GhillieInTheDistance says:

    i dont think i can find a craft or bead store in my house O.o

  19. KailiTali says:

    I read Herp bracelets.

  20. MajicNinjaRezin says:

    hemp = Male Plant = 0 THC
    Bud= Female Plant = YUMMY SMOKE

  21. blinne06 says:

    mine didnt turn out like hers

  22. charleyhat says:

    you cant get high off of hemp dumb shit

  23. RandomVideos239 says:

    oh yes because I will sooo bring a craft store with me to make a bracelet.

  24. Skinwand says:

    Martha Washington loved for George to grow hemp. After long days of judo chopping British he would return home to find a fat fresh bowl packed my Martha herself.

  25. xxkeichii says:

    Or indulge your inner stoner. That works too :).


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