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Origami Marijuana Leaf- Folded by Tommy

Posted on 27 April 2014 by admin

Origami Marijuana Leafe – Folded by Tommy 15 x 15 my paper Any size paper is good Scale – Low Intermediate.

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8 Responses to “Origami Marijuana Leaf- Folded by Tommy”

  1. kimberly Howard says:


  2. James Bronson says:

    imma do this the next time i get high

  3. Breanna Frick says:

    It’s Hard -.- Wtf . 

  4. Cindy J says:

    Oh my. Your secret is safe with me. It would take me a month and a day to
    figure out what you did magically with your hands.

  5. bob guzman says:

    Just made it. aha

  6. TheEinradtrialer says:

    first try and one and a half hour later “I did it!”

  7. 13AMEN13 says:

    Cool, going to give this a try

  8. Vape Man says:

    Shut up ! No one cares


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