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Organic vs. Chemical

Posted on 03 February 2014 by admin Steve Tuck (Horticulturalist / Botanist) unravels the myth that growing marijuana cannabis seeds with organic methods is better than with…

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15 Responses to “Organic vs. Chemical”

  1. Jaybo Hamel says:

    Well said

  2. elmaazaw says:

    Fuck this guy… Stupid

  3. JRN2222 says:

    everything he said is absolutely right if you think otherwise you know
    nothing about science. and in reality you’re the idiot.

  4. J3TPILOT1991 says:

    what the fuck are you on about?, such a moron. Proof is in the pudding,
    Organics are winning the cups. Plain and simple.

  5. mscassel1 says:


  6. Subodh Chhetri says:

    veryy true

  7. ant martinelli says:

    @JRN2222 are you mildly retarded? Just asking, maybe a few wonky thatcher
    chromosomes? Well considering this guy said organics are useless without
    mycho’s and you believe this to be true and are calling people names for
    thinkink otherwise, let me school you numbnuts, airating tea’s bring out
    and create natural beneficial microbes that feed off of carb sources like
    sugars (molasses, or substitute). To say that organics need mycho’s which
    are inoculates that aren’t normally soulable in water and to be even usable
    needs to be in direct contact with roots. To say organics are useless
    without mycho’s is infallibly retarded & being that you just called people
    idiots if they don’t believe this, I’d have to say you’re not only
    ignorant, but possibly 45% retarded yourself and should probably educate
    yourself and think before you speak. People will think better of you this
    way & won’t think you’re an almond eyed dipshit.

  8. Wil Lyons says:

    Wow this guy is a moron.

  9. LURKSS says:

    its called TRUE LIVE ORGANCS and it does not take years to get a soil food
    web going!!!! this guy is a straight up PREACHING his opinion like it is
    fact!!!, ive smoked alot of herb grown with synthetic nutes in DWC and the
    taste is not there at ALL!!!!! Organic soil ALL DAY anyone who knows will
    tell you the same

  10. Derek Smith says:

    he’s right.

  11. Kory Smith says:

    This guy needs a lesson in Organic Chem and Soil Microbiology. If you
    believe anything out of his mouth your smoking mids anyway hahaha

  12. ant martinelli says:

    @Joseph Kennedy it depends on what people are defining as “better” and
    “better” is fairly subjective depending on what an individual is looking to
    achieve; for potential health concerns you might want to go organic and if
    you are looking to have healthy soil with a living micro herd than you may
    also want to go organic considering synthetics will certainly kill off
    microbes. But as far as potential yield goes I’d say there is no “better”
    and most of it has to do with the grower not the nutrient. Although in my
    personal experience the best quality, and best tasting products have always
    been organic. 

  13. DudeBudlofski says:

    Don’t forgot to “cook”(2-3 months at 70 f) organic mediums to insure
    bioavailability of organic amendments. My rhizosphere is poppin kid.
    Organic means provide a wider array of nutrients vs synthetics. The plant
    forms a symbiosis with your medium actually picking and choosing the
    necessary nutrients for each stage of growth(nature). Growing organic will
    also facilitate a true and deep connection with all plants. Not to mention
    my water run off is beneficial to my ecosystem, not hindering the natural
    order. The best wine makers in the world aren’t using Canna or AN, think
    about it.

  14. Mojack Austin says:

    It takes 3 years to get licenced in cal as an organic farm . How many that
    claim they grow organic are really certified, great points in the video .

  15. kermithebud says:

    Want to know whats funny??? MY last crop was synthetic, actually all
    previous crops have been synthetic, my weed looked better than ANYONES I
    knew as far as trics, but they just didnt have the flavor. I didnt know
    that though until my friend growing tyhe same strain organically showed my
    his premature harvest that was wiped out from PM. Well guass what his
    Premature crap looking weed same strain tasted BETTER and got me more
    stoned. Had weeks left to go too!! Ive been organic ever sence.


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