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Oh! Pleasure Herbal Ecstasy

Posted on 09 October 2013 by admin

Greg takes Oh! Pleasure Herbal Ecstasy in his quest to get high legally. This video is for entertainment purposes only. Greg does not recommend for anyone to…

Herbal Ecstasy Elixir Recipe

Join Christian Bates in making the Longevity Power Herbal Ecstasy Elixir using Spring Water, He Shou Wu, Red Asparagus Root Extract, Mushroom Immunity, Goji …

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20 Responses to “Oh! Pleasure Herbal Ecstasy”

  1. karsim ras says:

    hello i got some high grade Ecstasy, MDMA pills and DMT for offer with a guarantee shipping 100% safe hit me at and place your order.

  2. G0DzSC0PE says:

    There is more than 1 different type of legal E you down-syndrome.

  3. tytyty920 says:

    Whats yuor psn account

  4. xtremeg79 says:

    krytle meth

  5. mryjn420090 says:

    tried legal e it doesn’t work take the real shit

  6. JacknOndatFace says:

    Dude. That’s for sex lmao

  7. Evan Regan says:

    i was on some fake drugs

  8. crkemppainen says:

    So sad. Look at these bogus drugs they got now, what is the deal its 2013 why cant we do better, as a species?

  9. AceH681 says:

    These pills help life kill.

  10. RavensOfMyFuneral says:

    life kills

  11. Aidanscape says:

    mutha fucka… I was on that fake drug shit before i did the actual drug shit… i think i’d be content with doing nothing vs. the fake shit… it feels like a waste of money for the effects

  12. GoBlueO23 says:

    Thats the problem with uppers….the come down is shitty as keep wanting more and more so you dont come down. Anytime doing uppers, always have something for the come down. Ofc opioids work the best, but a few xanaxs or something similar will do just fine.

  13. mike moore says:

    id rather break the law taking shit that i know what will do to you than taking legal shit that can fuck you up and in 10 years cause a brain tumor

  14. AceH681 says:

    These pills kill.

  15. HerbalAlex says:

    I picked up some of these today and my goodness, they’re great. Especially if you chug an energy drink behind them or take a 5 Hour Energy. Best head-tingling buzz ever. I highly recommend it. I love your videos Greg, you’re so fun to watch!

  16. En Soph says:

    So awesome. So sweet. I always thought she was extremely intelligent and so eloquently spoken. Good job. 🙂

  17. Sarah Wadleigh says:

    thank you Christian I l love the powder :p so refreshing

  18. sweetpick1 says:

    You’re a hero i love everything about what you do i want a life like that wih my kids but I’m stuck in Medford

  19. starlight219 says:

    Hello, have you tried using fresh stevia grown in your great-looking garden? I have found that when I use fresh stevia grown in my organic garden, it is even better tasting than the powders with none of the bad aftertaste typical of stevia. That aftertaste must come from the processing because you don’t get it in the fresh stevia. I just throw a leaf or two in the blender with whatever I want to sweeten and turn it on high! Thank you for the great products…… : )

  20. Debbie Grezik says:

    love this video….can’t wait to get me some Levity and the HeSHou Wu !!!! Have the others, just when I think I’ve tried all your best you come out with another Amazing one !!
    Whatis AMOI ???


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