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Need to drugs be legal?

Posted on 18 March 2014 by admin

Question by jefferson colnt spel ither: Must drugs be legal?
My point of view of drugs is various then a lot of folks. I grew up in Mendocino which is the marijuana capital of the US. It is nearly legal. I smoke maybe once a month which is comparatively tiny compared to a lot of individuals I know. I discover the drug not be addictive, has significantly less of an impact on the your functionality then alcohol and from what I know has less dangerous effect in finish.

I would go further then marijuana must be legal but most un-addictive drugs must be somewhat legal. I have attempted a lot drugs(coke, acid, marijuana, E, and shrooms) and have had good knowledge practically each and every time. As far anybody can tell I have no ill effects from the drugs, due to the fact mostly I prescribe to the belief, do almost everything, but it in moderation.

I guess my belief is that if you do anything incorrect on drugs you need to be punished far more then if you had just completed it. And if you have been caught doing anything wrong on drugs you should not be aloud to take them.

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the negative drugs,
not the very good ones that support

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29 Responses to “Need to drugs be legal?”

  1. 45254 says:

    i say no

  2. Juan O says:

    only marijuana ….all others should be consider not legal

  3. bada_bing2k4 says:

    Getttt dat yaaaaaay son!!!!!!


  4. sweetie says:

    I’d say No to drugs:)

  5. ilysuga says:

    no ppl who do drugs are wastein their life time

  6. ♥ஐBaby Faceஐ♥ says:


  7. nothing but the kitchen sink says:

    Not at all, I am a naturalist.

  8. Michael H says:

    Well they should because some people make that it too far unlike you but if you really interested in marajuana you could go to europe were it is legal

  9. missymizz says:

    NOOO!!!! drugs mess ppl and their brains up!
    STUPID question!

  10. le_cookie_monster_08 says:


  11. umbrellabaybay1 says:

    No, they shouldnt.I thought you were saying “should drugs be illegal?”

  12. Leela E says:

    No drugs. They can destroy your life.

  13. Rolf says:

    I think that “education” should be robust, instead of “drugs been legal”….
    As much as individual understands clearly the consequences of such an habit, as far as he gets to it…

    But, that is just me…

  14. OnlyMe says:

    i dont do any drugs at all but i do think marijuana should be legalized..i dont see anything worng with it..alcohol is so why not that..aslo i defiently think that all states should have it for medicinal use..some have it but not all

  15. el duderino says:

    weed yes. Other illegal drugs no.
    America doesn’t have the right mentality to legalize things like XTC, coke, heroin, etc.

  16. lauraloathe says:

    marijuana – should be legal
    shrooms – should be legal
    everything else i find to be too risky.

  17. jasonfine27 says:

    Drugs are illegal for a reason, to stop people from getting them. And They’ve haven’t found any links between marijuanna and ill things, but its not proven. Drugs are bad for you.

  18. Live Ur Life says:

    Hell No!!!!!!! .

  19. Roxy says:

    weed should, maybe even shrooms. but hardcore stuff like meth and herion can be dangerous and should be limited through laws.

  20. hello says:

    i think all drugs should be legal so that governments can tax and control the import/export and sale of them.

    if drugs were legal there would be a lot less drug related crime, drugs are an easy source of income for would be mafia types.

    the police have been calling for less prohibition for years.

    i cant believe smoking and alcohol are legal in the UK but drugs arent. how can they evidence that call?

  21. DanLynn27 says:

    i think marijuana should be legal. i don’t smoke it but have a couple of friends that do. it seems to me that there are a lot worse drugs with bad side effects than marijuana. i think that E and shrooms and acid and coke should all be illegal because the side effects are too bad, not that i’ve tried them, but my friends weren’t comfortable with the side effects.

    but almost everyone will smoke marijuana and i don’t understand why regular smokes should be legal when they’re just as deadly. marijuana should be legal in my opinion.

  22. Ally M says:

    Drugs SHOULD be illegal. If drugs were acceptable to take, imagine the example we would set on children. If children abuse drugs they will get sick and end up how most teenagers who take drugs turn out. It isn’t intelligent to take drugs considering it kills brain cells…so think about it!

  23. MrNiceGuy says:

    I just don’t want people driving all messed up.

    Drugs, and booze only wreak your life. You really don’t need neither to have a good time, and if you do, you’re kinda sad.

  24. Skribblez says:

    IMO NO. DRUGS ARE BAD… Why take them if their gonna hurt you? All you want is drugs, then your life would be ruined. If they were legal and up in stores, don’t you think that supid kids will go up to it and buy it to try it and kill themself?

  25. big red says:

    i agree.
    only marijuana.
    there are 2 different types of pot smokers, and ive met them both.
    you can have one person that smokes, but RESPONSIBLY.
    he doesnt smoke himself stupid and do nothing all day.
    like my brother in law, he smokes weed, but he is one of the smartest and ambitious person i know.

    there are waaay too many people out there that would make smoking weed their LIFE. take for example most of the kids at my school. they do it JUST TO DO IT. all they worry about is “gettin high, maaan.” its rediculous.
    i know for a fact that smoking marijuana lets you see almost everything in another perspective and lets you see things for what they really are.
    people can try to argue the hell out of that statement, but until youve tried it, you will have no idea. i know that ive come up with some of my brightest ideas while i was high

    i think it should be legalized for the fact that it opens up people’s minds to soo many new ideas

    have a nice day 😀

  26. Obtuse Triangle Fan says:

    Legalise it all. If you wish to be an idiot and try crack then go ahead, you were an idiot anyway. People would soon get bored of their legal status and tired of the amount of tax put on them.

    It would pay for the war and any future war a million times over. Would also put every layabout unemployed dealer in a position where instead of lazing around the house waiting for a call, they would have to work.

  27. Atif K says:

    when you say that you smoke once a month and you don’t feel anything is because your body is now accustomed to your habits, but i can almost bet you the first couple of times you took you at least coughed a little, when you inhaled the drug, because your body wasn’t used to it. In my opinion no one should be allowed to take drugs that are harmful for you because it not only affects you, it affects the people around you, such as people with asthma, who could die when they inhale such harmful smoke.

  28. ♥Liipgloss Barbiee♥ says:

    No they shouldn’t because like if Marinuana becomes legal people who don’t take it, will be wanting the drug they take to be legal & there will be a big thing over it.

    No To Drugs
    Yes To Hugs =)!


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