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Navy SEALs BUD/S Class 234 – Portion 1 – Welcome To BUD/S

Posted on 04 January 2014 by admin

this is the first element of the Navy SealS BUD/S education. there are 6 components. every single component lasts about 45 to 50 minutes Just get pleasure from watching! the second element will…
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15 Responses to “Navy SEALs BUD/S Class 234 – Portion 1 – Welcome To BUD/S”

  1. CrazyIvan1988 says:

    all kinds of respect.

  2. BadMannerKorea says:


    They have 5 days off? What?

  3. Masteryinnner says:

    this is REAL yolo

  4. Billy Borthwick says:

    So you’re telling me civvies can join up? Holy fucking shit, no wonder why
    the drop out rate is 70%

  5. RS BOnES says:


  6. Charlotte Weibe says:

    @jonathon. I have mental health issues as well as physical health problems.
    A diagnoses of BiPolar type 2 and a 64 degree curvature to my spine
    prevents me from a lot of jobs that I’d have loved to do. Can’t work at an
    airport, can’t fly a plane, can’t own a gun, can’t work as an RSO (Range
    Safety Officer), can’t work in the police force, etc. I was a 6 year
    perfect attendance, perfect uniform, exceptional Air Cadet in Canada. My
    dreams of being a pilot were shut down by Transport Canada due to my mental
    illness even though it was medicated and had been under control and
    supervised for years. 

  7. Demin Ads says:

    Wow…. I sure don’t want to be dead during the training

  8. Amber C says:

    I don’t understand people’s fascination with comparing military forces to
    the extent that they do. SAS or SEAL…they are both badasses and they are
    both trained to handle the most stressful and dangerous of situations. And
    besides, they are on the same side so it’s not like we’re enemies….

  9. Mica Ny says:

    i can see myself doing this in my dreams !! 

  10. shaunp007 says:

    hooyah instructor Patstone!

  11. funkyrimpler says:

    british SAS, toughest of the lot. Period.

  12. Joe Sidi says:

    I love all the funny shit the Instructors say LOL

  13. TheMicky53 says:

    Tougher than any athletic pursuit. I admire all these guys for what they
    are trying to do.

  14. LosoMFG says:

    I ship April 8

  15. James Wagner says:

    Watch all six of these and you’ll never cut your training short again
    before you put out everything you have. Because you’ll understand that
    mortals like us never come close to our potential, and that our minds stops
    us before our bodies do, almost every time. Much respect to any Navy SEAL.
    Unbelievable accomplishment to make it through BUD/S, and that’s just the
    first step for them. Much respect.


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