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natural highs?

Posted on 20 February 2014 by admin

Question by spidermonkeyfingers: all-natural highs?
does anybody know of any herbs that realy get you higher? no weed or poppi answers please.

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Answer by nikki
no herb only adore can give a organic high

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4 Responses to “natural highs?”

  1. Physics Student says:

    Natural highs are from things like exercise, games, sex, etc. Stick to those and avoid taking anything to get a high (even an herb).

  2. idontknow says:

    Salvia D is a powerful hallucinogen, but I wouldn’t Call it a “high”

    Not a recreational drug at all, but very powerful

  3. Sir Chyver says:

    Ancient secret.

  4. india.magica says:

    Natural High

    If people would only realize that a natural high occurs naturally when the brain waves are calmed! These are measurable and scientifically documented events.

    No Adverse Side Effect
    Calming the brain waves naturally has no adverse side effects, does not damage the brain, does not cause addictions, numbness or pain – unless you would consider it to be an addiction: the desire to return to these beautiful, empowering states, once entered for a glimpse.

    The Anger and Worry States
    When angered or worried we have brain waves of far over 13 hertz in the Gamma or Beta States.

    The Alpha State
    Calming our brain waves down to 8 hertz brings us into a state called Alpha State by scientists. It is here where all healing and deeper insights and joys begin. It is a state of total peace. When we do not feel this peace, but have thoughts of worry and revenge, we are not in Alpha.

    Deeper States of Greater Joy
    From the Alpha State we can glide into Theta (the dream state), Delta (the dreamless state of deep sleep) and the Omega State (where no brain waves are registered, but the person is not dead). One can learn to stay awake in Theta, Delta and Omega and experience bliss.

    Can we Reach Alpha Naturally?
    We all glide naturally through Alpha when waking up or when falling asleep. Merely, we most often do not realize that this is Alpha.

    The common term for calming the brain naturally is meditation. It is a very ancient method of getting in contact with higher insights, even prophecies and illumination as stated in the Bible.

    Is there a Method to Calm the Brain Naturally?
    In meditation one sits (or lies) comfortably with spine and head erect, without falling asleep. One may use certain techniques to calm the daily “thought mill” of worries, “Did I turn off the stove?” – “What if my boss finds out?” – “I wonder what she said about my gift.” etc.

    Cloud Meditation
    If the thought mill is hard to stop, one can use the cloud meditation:

    When thoughts arise, one lets them go like clouds through one’s head, in and out, without wanting to hold them, without focussing on them, without trying to alter them. One just lets them move on, one by one. After some practice, these thoughts will diminish and subside.

    Then the higher mind can be contacted, an inner voice can be heard, visions may occur and bliss may be experienced as happened to the ancient masters, saints, to Jesus, his disciples and the prophets of the Bible.

    The True High
    The more we are able to let go of daily thoughts, the closer we are toward the true high, our natural ability. The more often we practice, the deeper we may go.

    Focus is important, not Time
    It is not long time that allows us to go to these uplifting realms, but the ability to focus on the calmness, the peace, the trust, or, unfocus from the daily “thought mill.” Castaneda’s master, Don Juan, called it “to stop the world.” This can happen after merely seconds of meditation, or, after hours. We may be able to hold this blissful state for a split second at first, later for as long as we wish.

    It is recommended not to meditate in a car or shortly before driving or before or during the handling of machinery etc. These activities need our Beta State attention.

    Bio*Chakra Light MeditationTM
    This brief but highly effective exercise may give a quick start on meditation. It guides through the negative while staying positive! You find it at, click Hi-Lites, it is on this month’s Hi-Lite! Later, click Hi-Lites, then Archives (at the end of the monthly Hi-Lite article), then Predictions & the Bible.

    Courses in Meditation
    You may also want to attend courses in meditation. They are delightful and you may neet others who want to pursue bliss naturally like you.

    Peace be with you.
    Cordially, India.Magica


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