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My Tobacco Shop!

Posted on 12 April 2014 by admin

Me showcasing my local tobacco shop.
Video Rating: 4 / five

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13 Responses to “My Tobacco Shop!”

  1. dieseldragontamer says:

    Ihavent smoked in a while, work is really keeping me busy, and when im not
    working im too tired. Thanks for watching!

  2. Theobacconist says:

    Excellent tour! Thanks for taking us along.
    I see you haven’t made a video in a while. You still smoking your pipes?

  3. nickerfb79 says:

    A much better B&M than my local joint. Thanks for giving the tour. Just one
    questions, Where’s the seating area?

  4. Knightdor says:

    I hope your not one of those folks that put down cobs lol…I love my cobs
    more then briars…when it comes to smoking pleasure Id be perfectly happy
    to just smoke cobs and clay pipes…I only really buy briar pipes because I
    like the way they look 🙂 That looks like a great shop there…thanks a
    bunch for showing us around…great cigar selection Take care Cheers Bob

  5. belgianpipesmoker says:

    good thing we don’t have these nice shops in Belgium. It would be too
    expensive 🙂 for me

  6. MeerschaumMan says:

    Very nice shop brother! Thank you for sharing.

  7. ThePirateCritic says:

    Wowswers, you’re sooo lucky! I have no tobacconists of any kind by me at
    all. So i pretty much have to do all my looking online. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Knightdor says:

    @dieseldragontamer LOL good to hear mate…I started smoking them in the
    beginning just out of cost but I found they are great smoking pipes if you
    just take care of them like a wooden pipe they will last a long time as
    well Cheers Bob

  9. ThePolishPiper says:

    Damn brother…your tobacconist got everything ! Where was everybody ?
    Lunch time across the border ? lol You gave a damn god thorough tour of the
    place and they should pay you in tobacco for the great advertising !

  10. cutlerylover says:

    nice variety man, BTW like the OCC hat 😉

  11. TheOzoneLayerHatesMe says:

    you are a lucky man! that place has everything I like to buy!

  12. thomas lowe says:

    Nice shop, im thinking about opening up my own smoke shop maybe in a few

  13. Pipescratch says:

    Nice to have a tobacco shop close to you.Thanks for sharing buddy.


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