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Medical Marijuana- California?

Posted on 01 June 2014 by admin

Question by James G Gandolfini: Medical Marijuana- California?
I am disabled from chronic back pain and insomnia, I live in Washington, DC right now and there is no medical marijuana program around here I am moving to california within the month and i’m intrested in knowing what are the specific rules about growing and possessing, I wish to apply for my med card, and my caregivers card as I am not totally incapacitated, I can move around about an hour-2 hrs a day depending on how i feel and I would love to help myself and help others in pain as much as a i can. What specific areas of california and the most tolerant and relaxed on MMJ laws? I heard that nor-cal is the best but i need a more specific area… humboldt co? ive heard good and bad about humboldt…. i am also trying to stay away from any high crime areas, as i am a medicinal user not a drug runner/slinger. I live in a crime infested area now and that is one of the reasons i am moving away from here.

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Answer by Gone
I have to say that southern california has very enforced laws. That’s what you want because medical marijuana is NOT illegal with local polices and governments. Federal goverments’ law is that any type of marijuana is illegal unless it’s an FDA approved pill called Marinol. That goes for drug tests also. Yet ever user who has smoked or ate marijuana says that Marinol just does not help at all compared to medical grade cannabis.

I got my license and physicians recommendation a little over a month ago after moving from Texas. The first thing you will have to do is get a California Drivers License or Identification Card. Then you can find doctors that specialize in medical marijuana recommendations. Some doctors require previous health information from your last doctor with a diagnosis of your ailment. Then you will receive an original doctors recommendation and a copy for your glove box and an I.D. card for your wallet to carry with you in case you run into the police and they are legally not able to confiscate your medical marijuana.

Then you simply go to a local dispensary, there’s about 1,500+ in Los Angeles and get your medical marijuana.

You can buy edibles, canna-butter, about 15 different types of great medical marijuana, kief, haseesh, plants, seeds, growing kits, videos, help from the store you bought it from through the process,you name it, they have it.

You are legally able to have 12 non mature plants and 6 mature plants. Which helps since you really don’t know how many females you will get out of the twelve seeds. They have instructional guides on how to make christmas tree size plants.

Good Luck

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