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Marijuana vs. USA debt?

Posted on 12 June 2014 by admin

Question by Tucker: Marijuana vs. USA debt?
My question is could the legalization of marijuana get the USA out of our trillion dollars of debt? Why couldn’t it? Cigarettes are extremely dangerous to our health, they have surgeon general warnings on the back of every pack, yet we keep them legal. Cigarettes cause over 400,000 deaths per year I myself have lost 2 family members to cigarettes. Marijuana causes a big fat zero of deaths per year, Thts right 0. We only keep tobacco legal for tax purposes. The tax on cigarettes is currently $ 1.01 if we legalized marijuana and sold it for 15 a gram with a 2 dollar tax wouldn’t it get us out of debt in a matter of years?

Best answer:

Answer by Berlisen.
Cigarettes don’t get people high and make them lazy drug addicts.

And it wouldn’t because the welfare demand would increase dramatically since less people are responsible and willing to work, and plus why should they buy it if they can just grow it on their own?

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6 Responses to “Marijuana vs. USA debt?”

  1. Dig My Dug says:

    Here’s some links that PROVE all the great things weed does. Don’t believe me, believe science. Some of these links are lists, others are studies and findings. Here’s a list if you don’t want to look at the links.

    Weed has been proven to cure/treat/inhibit:
    – cancer
    – seizures
    – migraines
    – glaucoma
    – Tourette’s and OCD
    – Multiple Sclerosis
    – ADD and ADHD
    – IBS and Crohn’s
    – Alheimer’s
    – Premenstrual Syndrome
    – Arthritis
    – autism
    – Cachexia
    – chronic pain
    – depression
    – diabetes
    – fibromyalgia
    – insomnia
    – liver fibrosis
    – mad cow disease

    More good news – the THC in weed counteracts any bad effects from the smoke. It’s in the 4th link down. So anyone saying that “weed has more tar than cigarette smoke” is ignorant of the facts.
    Plus, it’s impossible to overdose (0 deaths from weed EVER), and it isn’t addictive (“psychologically addictive” is nonsense – anything you like to do, and have the urge to do later, is “psychologically addictive”. Watching TV, listening to music, and anything else could fall into this category).



    Not to mention, hemp is the #1 cash crop, and if weed was taxed, the state would see a massive increase in revenue. Also, buying pot illegally just continues to fund dangerous cartels. Every way you look at it – we need marijuana legalized.

  2. Funny... says:

    Not trillions…if it was that easy then we would’ve done it already. It would only help the debt, but would go way beyond that in benefiting society should weed (and all other drugs) get legalized.

  3. Frank Zebottom says:

    Most estimates show taxes on the current usage of marijuana if it were legal would be about $ 60 billion per year. While that would certainly help, it would not eliminate the deficit spending.

  4. Paladin says:

    once pot is legal, any idiot can grow it for themselves

    no taxes collected

  5. N0rthMan says:

    I don’t think it will get us out of debt, but it will save billions of dollars, thousands of lives, and decrease the number of minority prisoners.

    Plus I’ve heard of drunken brawl, but never a stoner brawl. Have you?

  6. navy boy says:

    im hearing alot of talk anout people driving under the influence of marijuana. what about driving under the influence of alchol? what about driving under the influence of xanax or ambien? Quit being hypocritical people if your against one you have to be against all. Marijuana isnt nearly as addictive as alcohol or tabacco. I smoked a few times in my life and never once have i woke up sractching my neck saying i need a joint. Na the last time i smoked was a year ago. Howerver ive seen some alcoholics and people addicted to legally prescribed medications and they are far worst than any pot head. And to a lady said to me it isnt a right to put a drug in your system what if the government banned cheeseburgers claiming in caused heart attacks? If you are a true conservative like most of you claim you are than stay out everyones buisness. What ever happened to life liberty and the persuit of happiness? If you really think about it conservatives regulates peoples actions just as much as liberals regulate the corperate world. Im a Democrat but im a constitutionalist if some one wants to smoke a joint in his home without harmin anyone thats his buisness. if someone wants to get there crack off in there house thats there buisness also. Im think homosexuality is wrong but if two consenting adults want to carry out their deed in the privacy of there room thats there busniess!
    And yes anybody could grow it but i would rather buy some govenment grown weed cuz i know it would be good and just make growing illegal since the fact that marijuana is illegal makes people discourage it maybe that will discourage people from growing


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