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marijuana street names?

Posted on 22 June 2014 by admin

Query by IvEy.Ng0: marijuana street names?
i require assist with my overall health homework and i need to have some details about these marijuana names and where the names came from……..
these are the names
pleas give me some more names and background info if u can
and if u noe can u inform me how marijuana is transported
thnx again

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Answer by Long BEACH 562
its grown by dealers in there houses or in a deserted regions
AZ -Arizona- is the ideal factor in LA county proper know

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One Response to “marijuana street names?”

  1. Dodge B. Harrison says:

    Ganja — Some good old fashioned hippie weed
    Dank — Strong smelling, usually strong tasting weed.
    Afghani — It’s gotta be imported, smells kinda funny but smokes good.
    Diesel — Gets you stoned like a diesel engine. Good for blazing.
    Skunk — Smells like a skunk.
    Bomb Chron — Really good chronic.
    Mexican Dirt — Nasty stuff that tastes like it was grown in a dusty area.
    Bud — Because it is the bud of the plant.

    Other terms include: Smoke, cookies, tasty, stone(not to be confused with rock!)


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