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Marijuana Street Names Video

Posted on 17 January 2014 by admin

Health Project.

CannabiNews investigates the deadly dangers of synthetic marijuana. Street names for this designer drug include.

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5 Responses to “Marijuana Street Names Video”

  1. Ashley Grohmann says:
  2. CannabiNews says:

    The deadly dangers of synthetic marijuana.

  3. CannabiNews says:

    The deadly science of synthetic marijuana – aka. K2 or Spice

  4. jercp861 says:

    Get this guy on here more…we need to be more aware of the science and
    chemistry of marijuana…please make more videos and longer…people that
    click on these are already prepared to learn…don’t be shy to have longer
    discussions so we can digest the bigger picture. Thanks.

  5. strategos Phjeer says:

    Toke me a while but i found something worth watching on youtube


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