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Marijuana Legalization Colorado

Posted on 28 January 2014 by admin


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24 Responses to “Marijuana Legalization Colorado”

  1. David Zak says:

    I know 20% sounds like a lot…but its not at all….an eight for high
    quality is now 50-60 bucks…thts how much i pay my guy in illinoise

  2. Kathy Marchbanks says:

    Pot helps migrain head acs. Calms .nerves nausea the list goes on and on.
    The sy.thetic dtugs atr more harmful than medo

  3. AceandScotch2 says:

    Most stoners either don’t know or care about pot’s tax revenue generating
    abilities and just want an excuse to blaze up in front of Chipotle and
    shove their lifestyle in everyone’s faces.

  4. ItsThatMilkshake says:

    All the retards thinking Steven Colbert is serious. Wake up you spastics.
    He takes the piss. Colbert is PRO legalisation.

  5. Connor Hadaway says:

    The guy goes on this assholes show to talk seriously about the legalization
    of marijuana and he just constantly gets interrupted by the host, insulting
    both him and his career, not to mention the host being against the idea of
    it being legalized, he said on his show “We’re all adults here”.. I beg to
    differ. he is not acting adult about this at all.

    Personally I think it’s a great idea that marijuana is becoming easier to
    buy, with it being safe to consume in any way it has a lot more health
    benefits that tobacco.. how can this possibly be a bad idea?

  6. Bob Knaus says:

    Oh, look at the faker conservative on the screen, that’s cute. Your’e not
    fooling anyone.

  7. andrew mashion says:

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  8. lusteronline says:

    Please check out my 1/22/14 podcast where I talk about this topic

  9. DeadHeadFred2436 says:

    just kidding im not really a stoner ive only smoked pot once lol

  10. jtwiztidbagz says:


  11. Jonathan Davis says:

    Be happy dudes our right to weed is finally here, please why did they
    excuse it before I mean come on did anyone really stop smoking anyways now
    we just don’t have to find a cool hiding place to spark the sucker

  12. Vidiot760 says:

    The floodgates are now open!!!!! Time to smoke the Denver Dack!!!!!

  13. Sydney Watergate says:

    Im okay with legalizing it in America, as long as American people like
    college students or American research and development networks build a
    regular relationship with easy to get drugs. A strong relationship with
    drugs will help ensure Americans provide their once great nation with
    remarkable achievements and continuous innovative milestones.

  14. thebob allmighty says:

    So this is the great decline of western civilization 

  15. Tommy Dreamer says:

    Come on NC we need to do this.

  16. amazingman63 says:

    Guys guys guys….it’s called SATIRE. unless yr all trolls and i just fell
    for it all….damnit

  17. Ralph Galloza says:

    I was a marijuana user for over 10 years and now that I am a year and three
    months sober I never felt any better. Being sober mined is the best way to
    live and I am a living testimony (Yeshua Christ the Son of God is coming)
    No time for pleasure seeking REPENT

  18. ted jones says:

    bongistan lol

  19. szeddezs says:

    Jesus Fucking Christ, some people don’t realize that Colbert Report is a
    fucking SATIRE news show and Colbert plays the stereotypical social
    conservative and thus exposes and ridicules conservative positions, e.g.
    drug prohibition. Some people are thick, I’m looking at you Connor Hadaway.

  20. pressupfallah says:

    What a prick

  21. Kraura says:

    @connor hadaway
    Don’t worry man, The Colbert Report is satire, and he’s just acting out a
    stereotype 🙂 He’s actually pro-legalization (y)

  22. Brandon Cox says:

    Just what I need to watch.. Stephen Colbert being a fucking douchebag as

  23. larry asbury says:

    LABETTE COUNTY KANSAS,,,,ask the inch high private eye

  24. Ben Johnson says:

    “People United for Medical Marijuana” in Florida are working hard on
    getting marijuana on the ballot for 2014. If any out-of-state Americans
    want to help us out down here in South Florida we will greatly appreciate
    it. Congratulations to all the states who got their medical marijuana


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