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Marijuana Is Now Legal In Colorado

Posted on 21 March 2014 by admin

Marijuana Is Now Legal In Colorado

Colorado has made recreational marijuana legal, and as the new law has taken effect, legal marijuana stores have opened up to much fanfare–but no drug-fuele…

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22 Responses to “Marijuana Is Now Legal In Colorado”

  1. pinkfreud62 says:

    I wonder how many users are gonna still have jobs? Just because something’s
    legal doesn’t mean it’s permissible. Just look at cigarette smokers and
    employment policies. Ultimately, employers dictate all.

  2. Sicka U says:

    Citizens of Colorado please don’t fuck this up!!

  3. Thehubb1 says:

    These two are fucking

  4. sepiasiren says:


  5. maddog76 says:

    Best weed,,if you don’t mind standing in line. Man that was a long line!!

  6. codejunkie1 says:

    2.09 haha!

  7. ThatPistOffGuy says:

    Yeah, I think the problem I have with these two is that they come off,
    uhh.. . -how should I put this. . .

    . . .fake as *fuck*. -They just go along with whatever the status quo is.
    And the dude looks like he just snorted a fucking line. >.< 

  8. whittle4u says:

    People who don’t smoke don’t have a clue. Most people who smoke are level
    headed, calm, kind people. Go Colorado !! Who is next ?

  9. Don Diego Vega says:

    Ok. Time to make up pot laws: DWH driving while high for example. Next, sin
    taxes by the state and federal gov. Then, regulations for all aspects;
    selling, buying, growing etc oh boy the Gov is gonna make zillions of bucks
    off you pot heads. Yeah, you think it’s so wonderful that you can go to the
    Rockies and smoke dope, lol. Fooled again!

  10. Juarrell Sangreal says:

    Please legalize Texas 

  11. TheAnointedSamurai says:

    this is happening to slowly, hemp and marijuana need to be legal

  12. funknowhereman says:

    WEED! it speaks for itself.

  13. Ener Jeh says:

    Tremendously Awesome

  14. Larry Flynn says:

    TV and all media has you brainwashed to think MJ is a drug, furthermore
    socially engineered society plays dumb & dumber, while we let them recreate
    a new millennium prohibition on whatever sales they can’t regulate! Just
    saying think about it?

  15. Maria Gallegos says:

    Over all more jobs more problems. Just what we need.!

  16. vWaLLBangz says:

    grow your own, who cares

  17. dm jeni says:

    Don’t smoke pot. It destroys your memory. Speaking of, …wait a minute.
    I forgot what I was going to say ;)

  18. hoosier nation says:

    Please INDIANA LEGALIZE. this is the last thing on our mayors mind. this
    state blows pecker -_-

  19. MrLumbee1971 says:

    I know where my next two weeks vacation Colorado Mountains here we come lol

  20. Anon Girl says:

    Man, you young’ins have no clue how big this is! 50+ years in the making!
    We’re lucky to live in this time, if only for this reason. Let’s not screw
    it up before it takes off.

  21. Saint Shadows says:

    kids will just buy it from people they know that are of age that bought it
    legally, just like they already do for cigarettes and alcohol.

  22. astrophonix says:

    I will be the first to predict that in 5 years’ time cannabis will be
    decriminalised in most American states and European countries. When other
    places see that they can save money by giving up fighting a hopeless ‘war’
    and instead make millions selling the stuff, the domino effect will be
    rapid and wide-spread.


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