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Marijuana: DC – Lets smoke this joint!

Posted on 08 September 2013 by admin

Marijuana: DC - Lets smoke this joint!

The DC Council passed a healthcare marijuana law in May, but whilst the law was signed by the mayor, it still had to undergo a period of Congressional assessment tha…

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17 Responses to “Marijuana: DC – Lets smoke this joint!”


    Right, well educated, stand up student, left uneducated, under the table, bitch collecting money from major alcohol companys and pharmacutical companys, isnt meth a drug, why dont you run into walmart and DEA their pharmacy, their synthisizeing meth, nope raid the plant factorys!

  2. Kush kenneth says:


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  3. Thomas Jordan says:

    She knows nothing at all

  4. logan gene says:

    legalize it

  5. Drake Oliver says:

    Hahaha, this old lady is one crazy person… Cancer? Lady, stop sucking the pill companies off and get more informed. God, these people piss me off.

  6. benshea121 says:

    weed causes cancer? im pretty sure there has never been one recorded death from weed. ugh ignorant people like this just bother me

  7. benshea121 says:

    funny how drug free America foundation is funded by alcohol company… haha smh. i wish he would have brought that up.

  8. Rodney Goode says:

    What the hell she is so rong

  9. abernewton says:

    Don’t take this the wrong way.
    But she is too old to comment.

  10. Lorenzo Von matterhorn says:

    old lady get the fuck outta there! your knowledge is piss fkn poor!

  11. ryan creamer says:

    how bout this ole lady you go visit a child that’s just surviving from cancer because of the fact that they are using medical marijuana, then let your grand child be dieing of cancer and i dare you to let marijuana help. before you try to stop something that’s helping the drug wars decrease, try getting off that planet you’ve been stuck on, obviously you were not to bright to do homework on it first. smh get off your high horse and stop a real problem like pills and meth.

  12. skitzoBoss says:

    I always blow GREAT weed in DC and have come across the randomest people in DC… I haven’t died yet from kush but my best friend did this pass march off bad pills… tryed to tell him just smoke hella weed n drink brews man but noooo, just shy of 21 too

  13. blowin O's all day says:


  14. blowin O's all day says:


  15. Frank Moser says:

    Just like religion,racism,EVOLUTION, etc etc in the USA mommy and daddy said it’s BAD so it must be so HA HA HA HA

  16. DJSexyTown says:

    I don’t smoke weed at all but I do drink alcohol and smoke cigs. Cigs and Alcohol is legal because it causes health problem which equals tons of $ pharmaceutical companies. Weed, less dangerous then cig and alcohol proven to help certain medical condition illegal or restricted because it means less $ for pharmaceutical companies.

  17. Daniel Melo says:

    omfg wow street traffic?!?!?!?? dear god call the national guard!!! weed makes ppl peaceful and chill. bitch smoke a blunt and see


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