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Posted on 28 April 2014 by admin

Query by 4 wheelin’ love♥: Marajuana…?
what does if feal like smoking marajuana give me all the specifics

Greatest answer:

Answer by What do I Know
Darling I am going to be good about this and let you know you accidentally spelled marijuana incorrect.

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8 Responses to “Marajuana…?”

  1. smoothopr_2 says:

    time distortion, uhhh someone told me

  2. yappyishappy says:

    Spelled feel wrong too …. sorry.

  3. Celebrate Life says:

    You get high. You laugh at nothing, you forget what you were saying. It’s not all that great.

    Do youself a favor, save time, and money. Don’t smoke pot.

    Don’t thumbs down me you potheads, I been there done that for 12 years, Nothing you can do with pot that you can’t do (probably better) without it. Like I said save your money.

  4. link2thepast l says:

    i think u know what it feels like cuz u cznt spell

  5. Sangria says:

    It’s a different experience for each person. If you’re a regular ciggy smoker you’ll take easier to it, but someone not used to inhaling smoke may have some problems (coughing, sore throat, burning lungs).

    Generally, though, the feeling is one of relaxation and/or giddiness. Some people totally “lose touch” or “zone out” and still others it seems not to affect. For your safety do it with friends you trust because you never know how you’ll be affected.

  6. green.eclipse says:

    What marijuana does is blocks off oxygen to the brain. yes it kills brain cells but these DO grow back. hmmm…the high you ask? it depends on the user and their tolerance, but its usually just a nice body buzz, helps you relax and calm down. it also helps you think more clearly, unlike what most people say about it. i smoke almost daily because its a good stress reliever for me. my boyfriends smokes because he thinks too much and it helps him calm down his rapidly moving mind. smokes for your own reasons, not because of peer pressure or to be “cool”. if you dont want to then good for you!

  7. slew says:

    From my experience from second hand smoke, a headache for three days. I wouldn’t try it. its a slippery slope. I fyou like it and decide to do more , it would lead to brain damage.

  8. DrNight101 says:

    you feel like talking about strange things and then you want to eat anything in sight.


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