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Legalizing Marijuana – Virginia

Posted on 07 May 2014 by admin

Legalizing Marijuana – Virginia.
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14 Responses to “Legalizing Marijuana – Virginia”

  1. ted jones says:

    damn why diddent they do this???´╗┐

  2. ted jones says:

    if i wan t smoke in my lungs i ll get it in there legal or illegal i dont
    give no fucks´╗┐

  3. samme12345678920 says:

    @ILoveYouMaryJane1000 I know right! what a dumb fuckin bitch!

  4. yung177 says:

    About fucking time..le

  5. Innercow says:

    dammit virginia just legalize it, please.

  6. Keith Richards says:

    virginia weed laws are teribly strict they should definitely stop all the

  7. f-de-government corruption says:

    obama should step in i know he want to do it

  8. oldestgeezer says:

    ya u would, they’re so fucked up here in VA they treat weed like it’s a
    serious dangerous crime, fucking assholes

  9. dbfoster42 says:

    Who is Joanne. her statement about more carcinogens in cannabis than
    cigarettes is 100% false….. no one has ever died from cannabis in all of
    history… Joanne do us all a favor and do research before you comment on
    such an important issue…..P.E.A.C.H.H. Campaign….People Exercising
    Access to Cannabis Hemp Herb.

  10. William Saltzmann says:

    Virginians if you want marijuana decriminalized, you should only vote for
    those running for office that support the decriminalization of marijuana.
    And you must make it clear and well-known to the electives. Speak out as
    groups and individuals send e-mails and letters to those running for
    office. Most electives fear losing votes, but if they see a large support
    that demand the decriminalization of this weed. You will most likely see a
    positive result in the decriminalization of marijuana.

  11. tick757 says:

    aint god good?!?!?!

  12. jammingbrad says:

    Joanne doesn’t know a damn thing about Marijuana.

  13. GreenMedicine1 says:

    I currently reside in Los Angeles and I am approved for medical marijuana
    because I am epileptic. I am considering relocating to Virginia for
    personal buisness and family reasons and I want to know, how dangerous
    would it be for me out there? I am pretty sure I can’t get an actual
    prescription like I have now, but if the police found me posessing or using
    marijuana and I told them I was using it to control siezures would I
    probably still go to jail even if it was only 7 grams or less?

  14. funkkidmusic301 says:

    Just Legalize it!!!


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