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legal weed legal bud review DOES IT WORK??!!

Posted on 21 September 2013 by admin

international oddities smoking legal bud joint smoke.
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16 Responses to “legal weed legal bud review DOES IT WORK??!!”

  1. anjelica Brown says:

    Ur so cute

  2. sexton hellsing says:

    thanks for the vid cool shirt

  3. Konstantin Pinchuk says:

    3:32 LOL HAhahahahaha wtf it’s not weed

  4. Christian Bracamontes says:

    That shit would be good to sell to people that dont know anythin about weed

  5. david melgar says:

    hippie alert lol

  6. Kami655 says:

    Question if does nothing why are you still smoking it? Stick too chronic my dude

  7. Jack Frost says:


  8. Vape4life says:

    Let me save you guys some time and some money. Everything that international oddities sells is crap. Nothing, and I mean nothing they sell will get you high AT ALL. It’s a scam. I like many others were taken in by the reviews on their website (I know I know, dumb). Just know that it is all crap, and the only thing you will get is a lighter wallet and a headache from smoking this crap. Complete waste of time. Seriously.

  9. nikhailgogia311 says:

    You and me would be best fuckin friends hahahahaha

  10. Kris Mckenna says:

    too cool for bed sheets?

  11. Marcox Long says:


  12. Luke Pedlar says:

    whatever happened to smoking herb! keep it natural! if you are buying legal highs because they are cheap and effective maybe you should take a hard look at your lifestyle! BECAUSE NOTHING COMPARES TO THE REAL THING

  13. clovis roca says:

    I lmao`d there too

  14. DogGhost21 says:

    Naw, hes a hippie :L

  15. Dubin1580 says:

    my mom, she said it smelled like weed. I was like what the fuck it’s not weed.

  16. TheDevenrocks says:

    dude needs a haircut.


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