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legal herb you smoke referred to as sylvia what is it?

Posted on 24 October 2013 by admin

Query by sophia_of_light: legal herb you smoke called sylvia what is it?
I hear that it is a legal herb that you smoke, most men and women use it for meditation. Some people say that it is sage… I wonder if I am spelling it wrong and exactly where I can uncover information and photographs of this herb. Is it protected? have you attempted it?

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I’ve heard of salvia, but I never ever heard of anyone smoking it !

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5 Responses to “legal herb you smoke referred to as sylvia what is it?”

  1. Mother knows best! says:

    Only in cooking !

    salvia is from the same family as well but I have never eaten it or cook with it , to me it’s an ornamental but after I read Bill ‘s post , I know a little more about it , good info .

  2. BILL C says:

    It is called Salvia.

    info is here:

  3. gamer21 says:

    personally i never tried it, but my friends have. One of them said when he smoked it that he felt like he was trapped in a box and couldn’t get out. He was in a car tho. It’s nothing to serious health wise. If you want a good experience try shrooms.

  4. Jamie says:

    It’s called Salvia or Salvia divinorum. You can buy it in most smoking shops.

    I’ve never really found it to have much effect when sober but if you’re already a little bit gone it can have quite a happy trippy effect.

    I believe it’s related to sage but it’s a different plant (don’t smoke sage).

  5. friendshiponfire555 says:

    Actually there are a lot of people dying from it. So I wouldn’t risk it.


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