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legal bud pt3

Posted on 24 April 2014 by admin xx sample.
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18 Responses to “legal bud pt3”

  1. jsmc84 says:

    @FREDEAN hahaha me to

  2. tom f says:

    @parrisluck123 NO IT CAN close up your throat

  3. APortraitSky says:

    @MasterCheeef I didnt fucking say it was legal. I said it was

  4. chainedblood2112 says:

    wait how did y’all get those i went to the site but couldn’t buy nothing

  5. JCtherocks says:

    oups nvm.. betterbudz….not legal budz..

  6. milkkart says:

    @parrisluck123 depends on the herbs used and any chemicals sprayed on (if
    it gets you high its almost certainly sprayed). some of the synthetic
    cannabinoids have potentially carcinogenic molecular structures and other
    defects due to being intended for research only. they also have different
    highs (similar to different strains of cannabis) some of which can by
    unpleasant or cause psychological issues for some people. just because the
    herbs are natural doesn’t make them all safe to smoke either.

  7. sarcastic456 says:

    12 of the US presidents smoked weed…starting with washington, jefferson,
    madison, monroe, jackson, taylor, pierce, lincoln, kennedy, clinton, bush,
    and obama…

  8. Chris Irving says:

    I smoked K2 or whatever it was called a long time ago, this isn’t my real
    name by the way, and haven’t since then because it felt like something was
    crawling inside my arm. lol , I started to REALLY freak out, like maybe . .
    Idk, don’t try

  9. JuSanataday says:

    @parrisluck123 yes it’s safe it’s a waste of money no high or a calmer
    downer it’s garbage i would not reccomend it to you

  10. barnett256 says:

    @jsmc84 if you smoked it here in south ga they’d lock your ass up and if
    you’re lucky they’ll get it sorted out, but only after you’ve been arrested
    and paid hundreds on ‘pretrial’ probation .. innocent until proven guilty
    my ass…sorry for the rant

  11. sydNASTYish says:

    Jessehutts go eat a dick stfu about it, or just dont comment?!

  12. Bullgogi Duffbob says:

    this thing is real my brother got it and it really get you stoned.. but it
    doesn’t taste so good.

  13. whydontyou figureitout says:

    Your a dumbass you live in canada just buy a bag of weed not this fake
    nasty shit.

  14. Clint Dunn says:

    @MrMikkeHawkk it is banned here

  15. JCtherocks says:

    haahaa in video 1 u said it was garbege..guess its not =O

  16. alex griffin says:

    does the buzz last just as long? do u prefer this now over actual weed for
    the price?

  17. feltitdeepinside says:

    No one knows how bad it is. Each blend could be different. I love how all
    these kids on youtube are saying its horrible and it fucks you up just
    smoke weed. You sound like a DARE officer, who says the same things about
    weed. Let people do as they wish, you don’t gotta smoke this shit.

  18. Sacred Society says:

    @LivingTheNerdLife apparently you’ve never smoked weed if you’ve never
    heard it called “tree’s” fuck outta here newb!


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