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Legal Bud, Legal Weed, ideal herbal bud online!

Posted on 16 June 2014 by admin

Legal Bud, Legal Weed, best herbal bud online! See legal buds, and legal weed from the 30 year creator of the industry. Not on-line marijuana, but Dank buds some may possibly…

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6 Responses to “Legal Bud, Legal Weed, ideal herbal bud online!”

  1. SmokinJoe421 says:

    Quality visuals. I know the products are insane. I notice there are newer
    products International Oddities has out (higher quality buds) not in this
    video. Keep up the good bud!

  2. fungiscience says:

    does this stuff work or not cuzz some people say legal buds are a bunch of
    BS but theyre reffering to hwaiian haze so do these work?

  3. doodledoo209 says:

    ahhh so i see. The herbs they sell do not have THC? All of them? So the
    herbs just give you a buzz. I wose hopeing to get a good high and a nice
    pain relief off my back.

  4. Daniel Garduno says:

    Is this website legal?

  5. SmokinJoe421 says:

    Everybody seems to know these guys started the whole alternative smoking
    market like a million years ago…Ok like 30 years. I can vouch for their
    professionalism as I have ordered and they actually answer the phone! Only
    real company in the biz as far as I can tell. Cool video. Pretty good

  6. Juss bob says:

    Damn dis shit was good


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