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Posted on 06 May 2014 by admin

Economists Slam the War on Drugs
In their chapter, the two stress the importance of allowing both Colorado and Washington the freedom to pursue their marijuana initiatives with “regulatory experimentation” to—put simply—figure out what works and what doesn't. ….. A Slave, a film …
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The true face of drug abuse
Brain behind the idea, Deputy Bret King, has worked tirelessly for the last 10 years trying to show students the true devastation drugs can cause. The idea of a drug education programme first formed … Deputy King's research uncovered some alarming …
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Salina family moving to Colorado for medical marijuana treatment
Inspired by the success of their medicinal marijuana business, the Stanleys started the Realm of Caring Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides cannabis to adults and children suffering from epilepsy and other diseases including cancer …

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