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Posted on 23 November 2013 by admin

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That big empty space right there is where my catalytic converter used to sit. Somebody was kind enough to remove it for me while I was bowling on Sunday night. Yup, just rolled under and cut it out. So I guess I should thank them for cutting down on my gas bill and making my car more full efficient. I could probably get faster track times too. Someone was looking out for me.

I started it up and it sounded like I had a giant hole in my muffler. Little did I know, exhaust wasn’t even making it to the muffler. Now my truck sounds like Gravedigger is rolling down the street. Really. I am always amazed at how loud engines are without the muffler. It sounds like the motor is sitting in the passenger seat, buckled up next to me.

I’ve heard that this kind of theft is sort of the new fad. These converters can either be sold as is or melted down for the metals housed in the cat. Google tells me that mine had good amounts of platinum, other manufacturers even use gold to increase oxidation.

The person(s) who hit me, appear to know exactly what they were doing. Two clean cuts on either side of the flanges and that’s it. I drive a truck and it sits higher up than cars. Roll in, cut cut, roll out. That’s it. Probably made a couple hundred bucks in seconds, not a bad gig.

If you know someone who is doing this, please punch them in the throat for me.

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