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Jamaica 2012 Buying Buds

Posted on 05 February 2014 by admin

We go score some Jamaican cannabis on the way to Bob Marley…
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16 Responses to “Jamaica 2012 Buying Buds”

  1. mcstabbyface says:

    surely they did not mean 45 dollars american

  2. ted jones says:

    These make me want to take the journey for my self

  3. NotoriousNUGS says:

    they’ll hustle the shit out of you if they can, but you can haggle and they
    will come down. if you don’t question they’ll happily take your money.

  4. 123spodie says:

    Thnk god I live in Seattle

  5. WINTERHeart COLDSnow says:

    dat magic pink bag

  6. dougy douglas says:

    00:21 holly shit the dealers kony

  7. morelis100 says:

    we can edit that out .. ! NOOT

  8. ThePsyuniverse says:

    HAHAHAHA sooooo nice men

  9. wollyhood69 says:

    once in lifetime i wanna go to jamaica

  10. Drew Grow says:

    Remo is that $45 of Jamacan money or what.

  11. Lucas Vander Bartlett says:

    looks like roses haha good for v day!

  12. DrAutoflower says:

    @urbanremo How much is good bud down in jamaica?

  13. Conscious Unity says:

    @afjfcalhoun1 My thoughts exactly lol.

  14. 35THIRTYFIVE says:

    1/4 speed sounds like i feel 35

  15. d34dincid3 says:

    great video 🙂

  16. fitzjeawn says:

    yo this is the coolist dealer man wtf


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