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Is this Faulty or Legit K2 Incense Summit? Please help!!!!?

Posted on 23 April 2014 by admin

Question by : Is this Faulty or Legit K2 Incense Summit? Please help!!!!?
Is this Faulty or Legit K2 Incense Summit? Please help!!!!?
I have Questions about K2 Incense.
I recently purchased some K2 Incense Summit from Ugh.. I regret not getting it at the official site…
Now I am worried this is not authentic stuff. I read it was authentic, plus the price was high so I thought everything was alright, but I heard the place got raided and is selling faulty stuff. I am not sure what to believe.
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“K2herbal is a scam. They used to sell authentic K2 but when their supplier got arrested on unrelated charges they started making their own “K2″ They actually sell scooters lmao. So would you buy your herbs from a motorcycle dealer? I know I wouldn’t lol Read below about all the fake k2 floating around.”

Best answer:

Answer by canada_winnipeg_man
K2 is legal and readily available throughout most of the United States. Its use has sparked alarm in several states including Kansas and Kentucky which have banned the sale and possession of its active chemicals, and the town council of St. Charles, Missouri has passed emergency legislation banning its sale. Columbia, Missouri has also banned its sale. Springdale, Arkansas and the surrounding area have also banned K2. The US Army has banned soldier use. According to St. Louis law enforcement, the substance has not been banned in Missouri, though there have been discussions about a possible ban.

K2 is a herbal smoking blend made of herbs and spices sprayed with synthetic cannabinoids (notably JWH-018), which mimic the effects of cannabis. It is produced in China and Korea. It can be consumed in ways comparable to cannabis. On May 18, 2010, the Mayor and Police Chief of Elkhart, Indiana asked local retailers to stop selling the substance.
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  1. michel says:


    Do you need to buy k2 herbal ?. Compare everything when you buy best k2 online and also check is it lab certified?


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