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Is legit?

Posted on 14 February 2014 by admin

Question by Joniel Jones: Is legit?
I’m seeking to acquire some one hundred% organic Herbal blends that can give me a nice effect i know i am not going to get the real deal ( bud ) but i want one thing that’ll do me some justice lol. i was on i wanted to get the dreamsmoke blend but alot of individuals say there a scam, so i went on this site an was considering of buying the ” Retro An revolutionary Smoke ” they say its not like k2 its all natural so it should be secure. please lmk if you have bought from right here or if its a scam etc. also if u know any blends and web sites that are great please write it below
thank you

Ideal answer:

Answer by jannsody
I never want someone to purchase any substances to get a high, but I wanted to caution you that a url (uniform resource locator) with a “.com” generally means industrial or for-profit so that the bottom line for that sort of enterprise is income. The term “all natural” or “one hundred% natural” could be utilised loosely by business as the legal definition could not be concrete so that the firm may bullsh#t about the ingredients. A word to the smart that a for-profit business may possibly say just about say anything to get the client to make a buy.

Please do keep away from synthetic marijuana (also known as k2, spice, herbal incense or potpourri) as men and women have gotten psychotic (a mental break from reality), brain harm, seizures and other severe health difficulties from it.

A teen girl tragically ended up with left brain harm and blindness from “spice” that she’d gotten from a gas station marketed as potpourri. Her household has started a non-profit organization to bring awareness to the dangers of synthetic marijuana:

Synthetic Awareness For Emily:

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