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Is Cannabis illegal in California?

Posted on 18 June 2014 by admin

Question by ★Tenderlicious★: Is Cannabis illegal in California?
I’m in Australia by the way. Some brief detail would also be appreciated, like when it became legal or when it was made illegal.

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Cannabis is still illegal in California. The only US States that have legalized its recreational use would be Colorado and Washington, though I’ve been told that Alaska has legalized personal use.
if you want to get technical about it, Cannabis is decriminalized in most areas of CA but still illegal. And decriminalization does not mean legalization by a long shot.
CA does have legal medicinal marijuana but you need to be a medical patient (have a prescription/recommendation) and in order to get that you need to be a resident of CA.

I’m guessing it became illegal in CA at the same time it became illegal on a federal level, that is to say:
The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 you can get more details on that here: and a basic overview of the current history of Cannabis rules and regulations in the USA here:

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One Response to “Is Cannabis illegal in California?”

  1. Darkking999 says:

    No, it’s available medicinally, but is still federally illegal


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