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Interesting Cigarette Facts | Amazing Facts about Smoking you Didn’t Know

Posted on 04 June 2014 by admin

Interesting Cigarette Facts | Amazing Facts about Smoking you Didn't Know

Bet you didn’t know, Cigarette edition! Learn the 10 most unknown, interesting, cool, and all together radical facts about Cigarettes and smoking cigarettes….
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Everything you need to know about Cigarette Smoking.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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29 Responses to “Interesting Cigarette Facts | Amazing Facts about Smoking you Didn’t Know”

  1. DeathsVolition says:

    It’s legal for minors to smoke in Sweden too

  2. Jody Mathis says:

    yabba dabba doobie 

  3. LegoStarProductions415 says:

    you should record in a non echo place

  4. on DECK says:

    Pause 1:20 and 2:40 which one is it? 

  5. bobbycone2 says:

    It is illegal for minors to have possession of tobacco in the US. At least
    in Texas. Minors can be issued a ticket if they are under 18. However I
    guess technically they can’t get a ticket or smoking. Just possession. 

  6. tralalakk says:

    did you know that smoking will damage blood vessels in the penis and will
    shorten the penis and ultimately lead to impotence. This is all real.
    Canada and Australia alread force “Smoking can lead to impotence” label on
    cigarette box. Believe it or not, it is your dick, is it worthed it?

  7. senesful says:

    This is what companies don’t want to show you !!!

  8. john Lampshade says:

    I hate walking past smokers and inhaling smoke.

  9. ExtBjDicer koch says:

    damn, i stop smoking

  10. SuperSludgeman says:

    I hope smoking kills me

  11. leon dsouza says:

    After spending quality time on the internet, this video makes me want to
    quit smoking! Thanks so much for this!

  12. Scott Rhone says:

    I feel like some of this is bullshit. Yes, cigarettes are bad for you, but
    do they really contain Nazi extermination fluid?…..probably not. 

  13. Cosmalik says:

    Here’s a way to help smokers quit smoking. Step 1: Light a cigarette. Step
    2: Instead of puffing in the air puff the smoke into a tissue multiple.
    Step 3: Look at the tissue, that’s what your putting in your body.

  14. Frances Zapata says:

    that is why i should be able to kill cigarette smokers in self defense.

  15. nikola simic says:

    this won’t help smokers, they are too stupid to understand. x3

  16. Taylor Firestone says:

    BS on eating 3 cigs and dying. I went through pledgeship and have eaten way
    more than that at a time. 

  17. calldamon says:

    I thought this was a factual video, my bad I’ll leave and let the sheople
    discuss this garbage.

  18. UnKnown69Insanity says:

    wow thats an eye opener, I don’t smoke.. well not tobacco. and this makes
    me not want to all the more

  19. plmaxxx says:

    My friend suggest me to watch this i was a smoker. people wish me luck that
    im that 5 out of a 100 ! Really good video btw

  20. Faiz Izzuddin says:

    Wow! Amazing presentation! Now i realise something about smoking. Thank you
    very much! Btw, i am not smoking! Yeay! 😀

  21. cyberunicornrobot says:

    Ha ha ha…..hope all you smokers croak ! Duces ho’s B-)

  22. Shannon Lovett says:

    Oh well… I really don’t understand people who smoke.

  23. MRADAMCJ25 says:

    Nicotine’s a bitch

  24. DontH8Comment8 says:

    The stars at 0:26 look like a penis hah!

  25. TheActingChannel says:

    Good video. I do not smoke, and I have never or ever will smoke. I WILL
    share this video!

  26. i2v2s says:

    So if nobody smokes everyone lives forever. So I never experience second
    hand smoke, just the exaggerations of how harmful it is, but you can’t
    avoid it. So nothing else people do is harmful to some peoples lives. So
    other people should tell others what to do. Thanks For The Facts (LOL)!

  27. teenygozer says:

    I think the one thing that will get kids to reconsider trying that 1st
    cigarette is to point out that cigarettes make you smell like ass. Looks
    sexy as hell to smoke (come on, it does!), makes you look like a rebel or
    like you’re sophisticated, but it makes you (and everyone & everything
    around you) smell terrible. Back in the 50s when all adults smoked, no one
    knew how bad it smelled because smokers can’t smell it. It’s sickening!
    Call a smoker “Stinky” today! Take the glamor out of smoking!

  28. Hermin Henry says:

    i am 11 years old and i will never ever smoke as long as i live! and i am
    never going to China.

  29. Joy Soriano says:

    Hello @ebeyjoseph thanks for uploading such a great video…Im gonna be
    sharing this one in my facebook page about how to quit smoking…I hope you
    dont mind! Thanks and God bless!


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