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I’m a quite infrequent marijuana consumer with a drug test in 2 weeks, will I pass?

Posted on 27 December 2011 by admin

Query by : I’m a extremely infrequent marijuana user with a drug check in 2 weeks, will I pass?
– I found out about the check nowadays and am really worried as it’s for a occupation that’s really critical to my future career.
– I’ve only smoked weed 4 times, my last time was two weeks ago, and my second last time was nearly 5 months ago.
– The very first 3 instances I smoked I took a number of puffs of a joint and never ever got substantial.
– The most current time I smoked I had two hits of a bong and was “type of” higher.
– I am an 18 year outdated male, about 260 pounds, with a significant volume of body excess fat.
– I exercise rather infrequently, but have heard physical exercise increases the amount of THC connected goods that your physique expels so I will be exercising heavily in the coming weeks.
– I am not positive if the check will be urine, blood, or hair although I live in a tiny city in Canada if that helps.
– I recognize I should not have smoked in the initial spot.
– Seeking for answers from industry specialists (lab tech, doctor, etc.) with actual expertise since I’ve study virtually all of the info on the internet and half of it doesn’t make sense while the other half has widely varying numbers.
– Thanks a lot!

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Answer by StephanieH
if u dont smoke on the normal u really should be ok just drink plenty of water and attempt to sweat some also

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5 Responses to “I’m a quite infrequent marijuana consumer with a drug test in 2 weeks, will I pass?”

  1. Chris Hadvina says:

    Drink as much water as you can and pee as much as you can. By drinking a crapload of water or you will fail.

  2. ReggieR says:

    John, I was a substance abuse counselor for over 25yrs and a Parole officer for 10yrs and have been in recovery, since working in this field… First of all if you are looking for an important JOB how are you going to get off drugs/alcohol once the job is offered.? Because right now I can tell you, if they give U.A.’s coming into the job,they will continue to give random UA right on along while you work.
    People telling you to drink a lot of water and urinate often have nothing to offer you. You need to start going to some type of recovery group NOW in the far out chance that you do pass the U.A,to get your foot in the door. The fact that you do or DO NOT get high has no effect WHAT SO EVER on whether it is in your system, And if you read a lot about Marijuana you should know that. Tell you anything now about what you should have or shouldn’t have done is pointless now. All I would suggest is that you do start attending a Recovery Group– so in the event you do get the job>> you will be able to retain the job through future UA’s as they come up. John if you would care to discuss how to stay clean and sober, I would enjoy speaking to you… You can get my IM or Email address on my face page here on ANSWER, and I do hope you will contact me;. God Bless ReggieR

  3. Mark says:

    I’m not a industry professional but my working “field” give me good experience with the drug testing. Randomly urine tested on my previous job , preemployment hair test, preemployment lab urine tests and saliva test in the past so..I hope I can help you.

    …From the 5 types of drug testing 3 are most common for an employer – saliva ,urine and hair . Blood testing is to expensive method, with detection time similar to urine tests. Sweat test is intrusive method because require wearing of a patch for a period of time.
    ..Saliva test- have short detection period – 1-3 days to max 10-12, have no nationally accepted standards (USA) or cutoff concentrations ,making results less reliable and less acceptable for legal cases.
    ..Urine tests- least expensive of the test methods , can be done right on spot with/ without lab verification.Detect THC (marijuana metabolite) from 3-5 days (single smoke) to 6-12 weeks (daily, heavy, etc.. user). USA lab standard ..Initial test, first known as screening test ,usually done by immunoassay (EMIT, ELISA, RIA ) with THC cutoff – 50ng/ml .The second, known as the confirmation test (usually GC/MS, or LC/MS/MS) for samples that test positive during the screening test with cutoff -15 ng/ml.
    Also to validate a urine sample labs looks for : temperature, pH, creatinine level, specific gravity. Some labs run “Adulteration test” for additives like bleach, commercially available “cleansing agents”,Nitrite, etc .
    ..Hair test- its more expensive than urine testing (means prospective job, good $ ) but can detect small amount for a longer period. Standardized to a 90 day history because most testing places use first 1,5 inches of hair, cut as close as possible to the scalp.Head hair grows on the average of approx 1/2 inch per month (depending on the growth rate of your hair) so each 1/2 inch corespondent to 30 days history . Labs can go back even further than 90 days since the time period is limited only by the length of the hair, but will cost allot .

    The THC is fat-soluble ,get deposited into the body fat tissues and it is cycled out of your body’s fat reserves when your metabolism breaks down these fats and they enter the blood stream , from there restored THC, it is pushed out of the body .With the blood THC enter and nourish hair follicle cells. As follicle cells grow, they trap and “sealed” the THC in the keratinized hair shaft permanently or until you cut your hair.

    For your .. I think you can pass urine test after 2+2 weeks even with this extra pounds.But will recommend you order online 2-3 home drug test kit and home test your self 3-4 days before your real test. Also in US you can buy drug test kit from any pharmacy, don’t sure for Canada.Also test your first morning pee, that is when your urine will have the highest concentration of THC, toxins ,etc…
    Also exercise as much as you can but stop 2-3 days before the last home test/ real test, you will need some time to move out restored thc.You can start taking Niacin (B3 vitamin) helps burning fats, take the pill right before you exercise. When you exercise your body releases fat cells into your blood to feed (energy) your muscles and niacin will be getting rid of the fat that is not used by your muscles. But careful with daily dose. Large dosages cause skin reactions and some health problems.Take as prescribed on the bottle. After 10-20min you will feel itchy and hot from inside ..mean niacin working….stop it 2-3 days before testing.
    Also keep your body hydrated, drink min 8- 12 glasses water each day. Now drinking water will keep your body hydrated but also will dilute your urine. For creatinine level – eat allot of read meat or start taking creatin supplement. It will also cause your urine to become very clear so start taking vitamin C or daily multi vitamins to add color back.
    Now if you have to take a hair test look for cortex cleaner detox I used and recommend this web / / but company also can help if you have urine or saliva test.

  4. Dr. Nick™ says:

    just don’t do it before your test

  5. Exec Pot Head says:

    Already clean!
    Urine test, blood- OK.
    Hair is different and costly and not done as often. Nothing to do other than take and pass the pee test!


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