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If I have my medical marijuana card in California, can I smoke legally in other states?

Posted on 04 January 2014 by admin

Question by Kelly: If I have my healthcare marijuana card in California, can I smoke legally in other states?
I got my medical marijuana for a number of reasons, and I smoke responsibly and am trying to familiarize myself with all the laws. The a single answer I couldn’t locate, was what states can you smoke in if you have your healthcare marijuana card. For instance if I got my card in California, can I smoke in Oregon where healthcare marijuana is not legalized? I assume the answer is no but I was nevertheless curious. Also if I have my card in Cali, can I smoke in other states exactly where it is also legal? A lot assist appreciated.

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Answer by rejectedsoul
Go ask the individuals who issued it. Card or not you go to jail in my state

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4 Responses to “If I have my medical marijuana card in California, can I smoke legally in other states?”

  1. Caoedhen says:

    The card means nothing outside the state of California.

    You may wish to search google with “reciprocal marijuana laws” or something similar and see if you can find definite answers.

    My state is like the 1st answer… you go to jail.

  2. Chris H says:

    There are some counties in California that do not recognize MMCs from other counties or at all. So, no, you leave your county you need to be informed.

  3. Frank says:

    You shouldn’t use medical marijuana because it is bad and it doesn’t have medicinal value unless in a highless pill form. You should use sativex or marinol instead because they are approved by the FDA and are safer. It is illegal to use ‘medical marijuana’ outside of California.

  4. Even Furries need love says:

    Your medical marijuana prescription (or card as you call it) is issued by a health care professinal licenced in the state of California, no other State has any legal requirement to reconise a prescription from a professional that isn’t license in it’s state.

    That being said, Oregon does have medical marijuana.

    NORML has an FAQ about this exact question and states that:
    “Arizona, Montana and Michigan have reciprocity in their medical marijuana laws. Maine allows out-of-state patients to exercise their rights for 30 days. Rhode Island respects out-of-state recommendations for any “debilitating medical condition.” Vermont allows recommendations from neighboring states for Vermont residents only.

    The Oregon law does not include a reciprocity provision. However, the Oregon Court of Appeals has ruled (and the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program has confirmed) that patients from out of state are permitted to register with the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program to obtain a registry identification card, the same as an Oregon resident, which will protect them from arrest or prosecution while in Oregon. These out of state patients are required to obtain a recommendation for the medical use of marijuana from an Oregon licensed physician. State v. Berringer, 229 P3d 615 (2010).”

    If you do not yet know about NORML, please take the time to familirize yourself with this organization that has worked very hard for the legalization of medical marijuana.


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