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I didnt know i was pregnant and took ecstacy&alcohol&smoked! ?

Posted on 02 February 2014 by admin

Question by Stephanie: I didnt know i was pregnant and took ecstacy&alcohol&smoked! ?
I’m 17&before I knew I was pregnant I got drunk3-4 times I’m not a heavy drinker so it wasn’t heavily at all, I also took some jello shots about 3-4 of them and smoked some cigarettes and took an X for the first time all this 6weeks&down once I found out I was pregnant I stopped all of that I still haven’t tooken my vitamins I’m 12weeks now&its cause I don’t know if the baby will come out with any abnormalities and I don’t want my child to suffer just cause my stupid decision please help! No rude comments please I would NEVER hurt my baby intentionally.

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Answer by No Chance Without River Euphrates
On the off chance you aren’t concern trolling…

The ecstasy might be a concern – although a single time might not have any effect.

The cigs and alcohol aren’t as much of a problem – but now that you know you are pregnant, take as good of care of your body as possible from now on. Take vitamins, eat healthy – cut out caffeine and soft drinks, etc.

Good luck – and not to worry you, but there are kids who are born with defects whose parents have never touched a drop of alcohol, smoked a cig, or done any drugs, and who take excellent care of themselves. It’s just a random chance – alcohol/cigs/drugs just increase the chance.

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