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How to use a cannabis vaporizer ?

Posted on 28 December 2011 by admin

ttp:// ► Promo Code SOH76586 Off — This video clarify how to use a vaporizer, and the medical benefits of marijuana. The Vape Community . This guy is so good ! Much more details on MCCFDIA Channe J.Erich.Pearson demonstrates how to use a vaporizer at the SPARC Medical Marijuana dispensary in San Francisco.

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50 Responses to “How to use a cannabis vaporizer ?”

  1. KeepPuffiN says:


  2. 5216take says:

    exactly !

  3. Ziggens100 says:

    @mrdedfish thank you

  4. MrDEDfish says:

    @Ziggens100  Yes, you can vape tobacco, experiment and start at lower temps and increase until you get the desired vapors.

  5. Ziggens100 says:

    would this work for nicotine?

  6. djdnauk1977 says:

    @carguy12345678910 ahhh ok yeah those are cheap but not too bad! i would set it to about 360 though, not 320… it takes time to get used to though, so just keep practising i guess? i would recommend after about 3-4 vapes of the same herb, take the herb out & crush it into power then revape it again another 3-4 times, to get the most out of it 🙂

  7. carguy12345678910 says:

    @djdnauk1977 Its called the easy vape. Im getting better at using it with practice. Same one as in the video watch?v=HlZh9hP2IzE

  8. GreenMunkeeD says:

    I didn’t listen to a damn word he said. I just watched him get higher and higher, and make a lot less sense.

  9. futureman1400 says:

    thumbs up if you want to get “heavily medicated” right now.

  10. ethnikhart says:

    professional! :))

  11. Jimidan69 says:

    He’s not old, he’s better. That is not a wart it is a cyst. This is not for recreation, it is medicine…which is what he was said.

  12. aussieattack says:


  13. JustinsUploads says:

    that wart is gross take it off

  14. xTheAfterbirth says:

    As soon as he put on the glasses i just knew…. He’s gone.

  15. JoshuaMH1 says:

    @orangefox999 It depends from brand to brand. The cheaper units will usually be more inaccurate.  It also depends on how moist/dry your herb is. Most of the time, the digital temperature should only be used as a reference.

  16. djdnauk1977 says:

    @carguy12345678910 ok yeah your vape is probably a cheap one? personally id look at getting something cheap good quality instead if u can maybe? if u know what its called maybe i could look at it? but i suspect you just have some cheap vape that isnt worth the effort/dangers maybe?

  17. orangefox999 says:

    whats the best temperature to use?

  18. Jellybubbleso0 says:

    @jackjb246 I am :O)

  19. Jellybubbleso0 says:

    Ive just found out after watching a documentary on cannabis that you can use a vaporiser for cannabis,the pass year ive been in chronic pain with a collapsed disc and trapped sciatic nerve and I find smoking cannabis helps me with my pain and helps me cope with the mental affect that pain courses on your life. Thanks you for this video its helps me know about a safer way to use cannabis for medical usage in copying with chronic pain.

  20. SkyrimTimeWithDsk says:

    joint ftw man what the fuck you dont want to use a damn machine to smoke fuck !

  21. blazedballa420 says:

    @carguy12345678910 I used to have an easy vape i didn’t trust it, I ended up buying a vapor brothers, great purchase

  22. carguy12345678910 says:

    @blazedballa420 i just vaped on it today at 300 and drank some water with it and it was fine. I guess it was a combination of letting the chemicals burn off which everyone recommends, (which i didnt do) taking hard inhales and being hydrated cause i didnt drink any fluids for awhile that day.

  23. n553302 says:

    365 is the magic number

  24. jackjb246 says:

    i dont think anyone is watching this for medial reason :L hahahah

  25. blazedballa420 says:

    @carguy12345678910 easy vape is not a great brand, the internals may be melting and that may be giving you the headache

  26. dotheherb says:

    You fucking idiot mj does not cause cancer how dumb can u get

  27. Hachithe8 says:

    Fuck is a mj cigarette?? lol

  28. mojado1996 says:

    This prevents getting cancer. Good shit.

  29. MultiFirebug says:

    i don’t think i want to smoke my weed out of a condom thanks anyway

  30. MrGAMEINGPRO says:

    the old guy was like a junky.. 4 that stuff

  31. wtfruo2 says:

    2:40 “man i wanted to hit that”

  32. WhoAr3You says:

    @2:30 damm thats a good hit going to waste right there

  33. hartistry1957 says:

    @bradhazee Me Too: Whusheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaah.

  34. homerl7 says:

    so.. WE take a paper, a blunt or a bong and we grind the ‘marijuana’…………

  35. loin248 says:

    It looks like a condom hahaha

  36. uwmbigb says:

    yes we see the vapor, thank you sir.

  37. MrPhipper says:

    that dude was still takin a hit and they just cut the scene haha

  38. n17rock says:

    that thing is 670 fuckin bucks!!!

  39. mikets530 says:

    Lying ass nigga you dnt know that old guy

  40. cencership says:

    are there sent temperatures for certain brands to get the most out of the product

  41. LASuperboy says:

    i gotta get me one of those

  42. nidzip says: for some great products

  43. Hiroven says:

    Demonstrator: “…much like you would a marijuana cigarette.”
    Old Guy: “lol”

  44. tekwiN says:

    holy fuck that old dude really wants to hit that shit

  45. mateohassteeze says:

    He sounds like vince vahen

  46. Kayriz94 says:

    At 2:29 I was mesmerized

  47. crippinmexican says:

    So i’m a little high and i get this old coffee maker thing break it put marijuana onto the plate where it heats up and it just got hot ):

  48. selfharmer2010 says:

    Not a single fuck was given after that hit!!

  49. TheCaliCapitalist says:

    Does anyone knownif that is canabis

  50. TapOutBass says:

    oh shit thats my grandpa..


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