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how to pass drug test…certo

Posted on 01 October 2013 by admin

how to pass drug test...certo

gatorade certo and b12 …. and i passed it btw and am currently employed, smoking cheeba everyday.
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12 Responses to “how to pass drug test…certo”

  1. Jesse Carrizales says:

    OMG I just tried this shit, if it don’t work immma be mad. Hopefully it works ive heard you had to drink it then piss 2 to 3 times after u drink it OH and guys u have´╗┐ to drink the certo 2-5 days be4 the piss test otherwise I heard this shit don’t work. Im very nervous cause I have prob. and court and if I don’t pass its straight ta Juvy for my ass but hey atleast I aint going to jail ­čśë

  2. G RIPs says:

    haha samuri blade. man fuck reading forums youtube videos´╗┐ are the way to go

  3. G RIPs says:

    You must be thinking of Chiva, silly noob


  4. jaxzon2012 says:

    Chiva is heroin´╗┐ not cheeba haha!

  5. rrobert1482 says:

    cheeba said hi´╗┐

  6. JustTarvis says:

    Certo can be found at super Walmart. Just go to the Walmart site and see if it’s in stock at the nearest location to you. I did this and passed the drug test. The only difference was I drank half a gallon of water.´╗┐ It worked for me and I’m now employed

  7. WonkaModz says:

    how often did you smoke and how much time did´╗┐ you have before your test without smoking?

  8. Brian Seamans says:

    Does this fly for a lab test´╗┐ or just a dipstick

  9. Kyle Levine says:

    this unfortunately didn’t work for me today. granted i was not able to drink the entire container of Sure Jell fruit pectin, i was able to choke down about 75% of it with about 3/4 of a gallon of liquid
    It had been 10 days with no THC exposure. i exercised daily for those ten days (normally i don’t AT ALL) and i’m 5’10”, 137 lbs´╗┐ (skin and bones).
    fruit pectin is a very powerful osmotic laxative so it made´╗┐ me have some really sick diarrhea. I was barely able to produce enough urine for the test.

  10. Clifton Simmons says:

    U buy certo at grocery´╗┐ stores

  11. triggawiththataction says:

    did this work brah ?´╗┐

  12. Chuvox805 says:

    Do´╗┐ piss till u test


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