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How to Pass a Urine Test for THC (Cannabis)

Posted on 08 October 2013 by admin

READ DESCRIPTION! How to not fail a THC (Marijuana) drug test with your employer? Has your boss asked you to pass a urine test? Or are you a high level athle…
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21 Responses to “How to Pass a Urine Test for THC (Cannabis)”

  1. er1cj says:

    water poisoning, you’ll most likely puke before that happens..i was in a kool aid drinking competition when i was young and pretty much everyone puked out the kool aid once their bodies couldn’t handle anymore liquid.

  2. brain franc says:

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  3. Jonzen77 says:

    Mayhaps , but drinking water `til death is almost impossible to will yourself to do , outside a real hot enviroment(like desserts). I played waterpoker a little when young. And you get increasingly ill the more you drink and you need to piss like crazy. At some point I couldnt stummach the thought of more water. Quit and was fine again sometime out in the next day.

    It realy is no mistaken the symtoms. Also many people easely drink 12 beers in 2-4 hours at partys. Thats like 6 liters.

  4. Cyclingmasterseller says:

    Generally speaking, drink a lot of liquids and exercise, i.e., sweat. as Lex states, however your urine will most likely turn clear when much liquid of any type is consumed — not to worry, just take a B-complex vitamin supplement and this will help turn your urine to a nice yellow color. And please, don’t drink heavy coffee before a piss test, you’re urine will just smell like coffee.

    Good luck

  5. lolzftw50 says:

    LOL stopped watching immediately after he mentioned to drink water. Drinking water does absolutely nothing unless you are trying to dilute the test 3-4 hours before.

    Fucking retard.

  6. Deez Mutts says:

    a friend or girlfriend(thats not on her period) that dosnt smoke or even your little brother or sister.some have gotten the younger siblings to pee in The cup and hide it till its time to take the test

  7. Duaine Doman says:

    i thought about that but whos piss do i use??

  8. budgetryan says:

    Wow shut up kid sun down whatever I just thought it was funny to hear thanks to everyone else for explaining it to me in a respectful manor unlike this asshole

  9. SunDownPoint says:

    Hey “dude”, maybe you should learn something in life instead of smoking so much pot. Water poisoning is very real and very dangerous.

  10. Willgtl says:

    Go for it. As long as it’s not a probation test, I’d imagine the people overseeing the test aren’t standing there watching. Just make sure the bottle is super clean, any leftover residue could flag the test.

  11. Willgtl says:

    Water poisoning is extremely bad. Electrolytes are required for regulating just about every function of your brain. Drinking excessive water will result in electrolyte deficiencies since you are diluting them. In extreme cases, water poisoning will result in encephalitis (Brain inflammation) and death.

  12. Dina kathlin says:


  13. Deez Mutts says:

    or just take someone elses piss in a sample cup like every pothead i know with a job

  14. Malcolm Lambert says:

    this is yall “oh dude I found a box that has weed leaf on it and im so baked I wanna c how dirty my piss is” insert goof troop laugh.

  15. Malcolm Lambert says:

    u 2 shit sipping d’bags r pathetic have a sober person take the test to c the accuracy of the $1 test idiots.

  16. toodudesreview says:

    its in the works

  17. toodudesreview says:

    its in the works

  18. Mspatterson11 says:

    part 2 please….

  19. Grahernandez says:

    Seriously, where is part two?

  20. toodudesreview says:

    OK. we will make it next recording session

  21. PrettyShelbie93 says:

    we need a part 2


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